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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 23, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Mar 23, 2023


  • The Thar desert is one of the most underdeveloped regions of the country, but the discovery of vast coal deposits there has paved the way for its development. According to Engro Coal Mining Company, Thar coal reserves are estimated at 175 billion tons, the value of which is more than the oil wealth of Saudi Arabia and Iran, i.e., 50 billion tons. Not only electricity is being generated from this coal, work is also underway on setting up a petrochemical complex. Five coal-fired power plants, which started production three months ago, are currently supplying 2300 MW of electricity to the national grid. However, the Thar desert, which spreads light in the country, is still in darkness because its power plants are not providing electricity to local residents. Just 50 MWs is enough to electricity 2000 thousand of the desert but they are made to live in darkness. Like at Sui in Balochistan where natural gas is denied to the locals while it is sent to electrify villages and run factories elsewhere in Punjab and Sindh.     In terms of justice, the local population has the first right to the resources. (Edit Jang)
  • Most of illegal migrants head to Sindh, particularly to its capital city, Karachi. Our own institutions have put their numbers at 40 lakhs, majority of them being Afghans. Their actual numbers can be more. Most of them have bought properties in Sindh, and acquired Pakistan national identity cards with the help of our influential politicians. After much hue and cry the federal authorities have framed new policies for Afghan refugees. Now, they cannot move anywhere without any checks. Police stations will have to be informed of the reasons for moving from one city to another. New addresses will have to be provided to police stations. Visas and stay permits need to be renewed at regular intervals. This pops the question: Will the new policy be implemented? NGOs, political parties, welfare groups in Karachi are supporters and facilitators of the illegal migrants; political parties have their interests to reach assemblies with their votes. The policy is framed by federal government but implementation mostly is Sindh government’s responsibility. So much so, the Sindh authorities must get cracking on the illegal migrants without much ado. (Pahenji, Edit, March22)
  • Water experts have been stressing the need to implement the 1991 Water Accord, and thus resolve Sindh’s water issues. but  Sadly, the federal authorities are taking no interest in the matter. Two days ago, the Sindh irrigation department shot off a letter demanding its share of water as kharif season is around. “Otherwise, small farmers and cotton crops will get affected”, the communication said while seeking Federal intervention. Today is World Water Day and the Sindh letter should be taken note of, and discrimination against Sindh on water issues should end. Because, we can rise as a nation only when all are treated equally. (Kawish, Edit, March 22)   
  • It is clear by now that neither the federal government nor provincial regimes nor even local bodies is keen to check about controlling price-rise. That is perhaps because rulers think it is the headache of common man. The rulers are perhaps forgetting the fact that at end of day it is their responsibility to get people relief and plan accordingly. But, since we have been witnessing that rulers are not at all serious about relief to people from what is being experienced by people right since the formation of the country, it is futile to pin any hopes on our rulers to come to grips with the worsening conditions. Day-to-day life starts becoming very costly during Ramzan affecting most lower strata of the society.   Since we do not have much hope from rulers, it is for labour section to sit together and think on how to get rid of their woes. We know this relief can come only through political exercises and for this people should   join hands with those political   movements that can bring an end to all this big chaos and disorder being witnessed around and bring in such system that is helpful and conducive for common man. All this might be difficult to accomplish but it is not impossible. (Sindh Exp. Edit)
  • The Election Commission of Pakistan has postponed Punjab Assembly polls to October 8. The polls were earlier scheduled for April 30. And nominations have already opened. Yesterday was the last day for the scrutiny of nominations, ECP decision was taken after consulting all stakeholders and keeping in view the present economic and security situation of the country. The Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has told the joint session of the Parliament that all assembly elections will be held together as per constitutional provisions. According to the constitution, provincial elections should be held within 90 days after the dissolution of the assembly. In exceptional cases, elections can be delayed. Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies were dissolved on January 14 and 18 respectively. There will be protests on a large scale if elections are not held in time. To avoid this ugly situation, all the concerned parties should be taken into confidence. (Edit-Dunya Daily)
  • People of Pakistan would have never thought that the establishment would be trying day and night to destroy the most popular party of the country so that the rule of the handful who don’t have the support of the people, can be extended. A former British Ambassador remarked that the CIA had removed Imran Khan to bring them into power. The Ambassador of Pakistan in Washington Dr Asad Majeed had confirmed that the regime change was done on the order of a senior American diplomat Donald Blome, who is representing his country in Islamabad. It should be remembered that the 23-crore people are the real owner of Pakistan. The handful of military and civil bureaucrats are servants. They get their salary from the tax paid by the people. Today Pakistan is facing three basic problems encompassing economy, politics, and security. The people of Pakistan are suffering from high inflation due to these problems. If the government thinks that it can intimidate the masses by imprisoning and torturing a few hundred or thousand, it is mistaken. People have realized that it is the final battle to uphold the supremacy of the constitution and to remove the bunch of robbers who are responsible for the backwardness, illiteracy, and unemployment in the country. (Edit-Intekhab)
  • A heinous campaign has been going on against the state institutions, which is causing serious damage not only to these institutions but also to the state and the people. The welcome thing is that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has strongly condemned the dirty campaign thundering that the campaign against the army chief is intolerable.  He criticized that Imran Khan is breaking the constitution by dragging the institutions and their leaders into his dirty politics. A meeting chaired by the Prime Minister on Monday strongly condemned the campaign against the institutions and especially the Army Chief abroad and on social media. In our beloved country no individual, organization or group can be allowed to weaken or harm the State and its institutions, which cannot be called anything but sedition. Imran Khan and his associates should not forget that tomorrow if they come back to power, they will have to work with these very institutions they are running down. Therefore, they should not create conditions that make people associated with the institutions to feel disgusted. This country belongs to all of us and the Pakistan Army is the protector of the country. So much so, we all should play our positive role for the betterment of the country. Likewise, we should support institutions   to make them stronger and stronger so that they can act against anti-national elements with the confidence that the entire nation is with them. (Edit, Nawaiwaqt)
  • The army is trained to fight and destroy the enemy. Terrorists come from Afghanistan and commit acts here…. Someone in Afghanistan is providing residential facilities and shelter… It is the responsibility of the Taliban government to find these facilitators and bring them to book. In the incidents of terrorism in Pakistan, we see not poverty, ignorance or unemployment, but some groups who are angry with the state, the government. Instead of spending effort and energy on cutting branches and leaves, the roots should be uprooted. Efforts should be made to end  hatred, disputes, differences and contradictions which are the real causes of terrorism in the country. (Edit, Daily Express)
  • A 70-year-old senior citizen in Multan died of a heart attack while crossing the road with the flour bought standing in a long queue at a free flour distribution point. Taj Bibi, 50 died while standing at flour distribution center in Saeedi. Both places and other flour distribution centers,  Adda, have witnessed  heavy rush and jostling. There should be order and easy access to the flour distribution centers. The government should put in place fool-proof arrangement. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  • lawyers, intellectuals, journalists and civil society leaders have decided to form an Informal Group of Mediators to engage with all political parties to start a reconciliation process; they have appealed to all political parties to hold talks to set an agreed framework and timeline for elections. And proposed an All-Parties Conference (APC) and Parliamentary Forum. The civil society has taken up this burden by realizing its responsibility.  Now it is the turn of politicians; they must play their part setting aside differences to adopt a common plan for holding elections. This way threats to our democratic process can be removed. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  • It is unfortunate that our political lords are busy battling against each other instead of battling the failing economy and mounting inflation. There is need for the political fraternity to understand national interests and be united  on a common minimum agenda to save the nation from collapsing. (Edit in Aeen)  
  • There is political disturbance and economic decline on one hand and on the other hand, terrorism has once again taken hold. Officers and soldiers of our brave armed forces are doing their best to eradicate terrorism. According to ISPR, Pakistan’s defense forces and intelligence agencies are working with full determination to eliminate the scourge of terrorism from every inch of the country’s soil. Brigadier Berkey became a martyr in battling the terrorists in Dera Ismail Khan. The political leadership should also realize this. (Edit Jang)


  • Jamaat-e-Islami Amir, Sirajul Haque has launched the party’s election manifesto. He expressed the fear that anarchy is spreading in the country. If law and justice continue to be flouted like this, the nation will continue to face inflation, unrest, and poverty. And if the fire of unemployment continues to burn, the situation will not be under anyone’s control. Even after decades, if the nation does not stand up for its right and continues to bring the same parties, incompetent and oppressive feudal lords, waderas, and corrupt capitalists to power, the situation will never change and the dream will not be fulfilled, for which the Muslims of the subcontinent had sacrificed their lives and property. Time has come for the nation to trust Jamaat-e-Islami so that the dream of making the country an Islamic welfare state can be realised. (Jasarat, Jang)
  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has engaged a lobby firm in Washington. It is said that the party entered into an agreement with an American consultant firm that will provide expert services for better relations between the PTI and the US government. (Jang)

  • Three billion dollars will be required in the last quarter of the current financial year (April-June) to repay the country’s foreign debt and interest thereof. In a related important development, Pakistani authorities have confirmed the receipt of two billion dollars from China. As of March 10, the volume of foreign exchange of Pakistan was 4.30 billion dollars. If the IMF continues to work slowly in paying the loan installment, the government will have to prepare a plan B for financial management. When contacted, a senior Finance Ministry official said if Plan A did not work, Plan B would be formulated. (Jang)
  • Former MNA Jamshed Dasti has announced joining Tehreek-e-Insaf. He met PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Zaman Park and expressed full confidence in PTI’s freedom movement and Imran Khan’s leadership. Imran Khan welcomed Jamshed Dasti into PTI fold. (Jang)
  • Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that the Parliament should grant total power to law enforcement agencies to control terrorists and armed groups. Speaking in the joint session of the Parliament he said that the guidance of Parliament is needed on three points. One the political, administrative, and judicial crisis.  Two elections. Three economic situation. He said that Imran Khan came to Islamabad with armed groups. Catapults were used, injuring many policemen. But the police did not fire even a single shot. He emphasized that law enforcement agencies should be given total power to control terrorists and armed groups. He said that during the last 11 months, a political and administrative crisis was created and chaos was spread. If it is not controlled, it will gravely damage the country. (Islam Daily) 
  • The Punjab police have decided to arrest all people who are financially supporting the PTI. According to the police sources a list has been made of such persons. Earlier, the financers were only warned but now they will be arrested.    (Intekhab Daily)
  • On Wednesday, a two-member bench of the Sindh High Court headed by Justice Nimatullah Phalphoto heard the petitions related to the recovery of Tahir Zaman and other missing citizens. The court expressed its anger at the investigating officer during the hearing. Justice Nimatullah said “You people do not do anything to recover the missing persons. Because of your behavior the families of missing persons have stopped coming to the court. (Jasarat)
  • Despite all the steps taken by the government, the IMF is not satisfied; so now the government has decided to increase the interest rate further to satisfy the IMF. According to the sources the IMF had demanded interest rate hike by 4 percentage points but the government decided to make the hike in two instalments. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Senior Deputy Chairman of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Raza Mohammed Raza and senior Secretary Qadir Advocate have criticised the fencing of the Durand Line, and said the move closes the doors of trade on Afghan people killing them financially. The British had created the Durand Line but there was no restriction on the movement of people or cross-border trade. Afghans are living on both sides of the Durand Line. They have relatives on either side. Some have houses on one side and fields and mosques on the other side. The government of Pakistan has taken an illegal decision to put the fence on the Durand Line and divide the people. It is a violation of all international laws and human rights. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandyal has raised questions over the legal status of the leaked audios and videos regarding the Supreme Court judges. What is their legal status; what is their credibility? Baseless allegations are made. Judiciary is working with patience and tolerance. Politicians and nation must strengthen the judiciary. (Nawaiwaqt, Daily Jinnah, Ummat)
  • The Election Commission of Pakistan has ordered a recount in 6 union councils of Karachi following objections raised by  Jamaat-e-Islami. The recount will take place in UC 3 of Mominabad, UC 12 of Manghopir, UC 1 of Gulshan area of Eastern District, UC 3, 7 and 8 of Orangi. (Ummat, Daily Express)
  •  Banned organizations are using women and children as shield while mounting terrorist strikes, according Balochistan Chief Minister’s spokesperson Babar Yousafzai quoting the confession of a female suicide bomber Mahil Baloch. Addressing a press conference along with DIG CTD,  he said  Mahil Baloch was arrested and two suicide jackets were recovered from her.  (Ummat)
  • In the Bilal Colony of New Karachi, unknown armed motorcyclists shot and killed Maulana Salim Khatri, the leader of Ahles-Sunnat Wal-Jamaat. This is the second target killing of a religious leader. (Jasarat)
  • Balochistan Assembly members have asked the Federal Government to  immediately pay the province its pending gas royalty which works out to around  60 billion rupees. They complained that the Balochistan Government is facing lots of problems in managing several welfare programmes. The federation should stop step-motherly treatment of Balochistan. (Qudrat)


  • A section of people think that Imran Khan can be a better ruler because he is neat, clean and free from corruption charges and does not face charges that are slapped on the likes of Zardari and Sharifs. These people may not be aware of personal corruption charges against Imran Khan, but people would do well to remember the adage that people are often known by the company they keep. From Sheikh Rashid to Pervez Elahi and all others around Imran Khan are corrupt to the core. Imran Khan’s clean image is not making the people around him clean. Instead, his own image is sullied because of being close to lieutenants who do not have clean and corruption-free image. Imran keeps escaping arrest because there is a big split at high places, in the establishment these days. The day these differences and disputes at high places get resolved, it will also mean the end of Imran’s happy times.  These days are truly critical and scarier and no one – neither Imran Khan nor Nawaz Sharif, nor establishment nor business community can save the day. The solution lies with the people of Pakistan; the day they rise, things will start getting better. But, people will rise only when they get someone to lead them. Is any political party or leader ready to do this job? The answer regrettably is big no. (Assar Imam in Sindh Exp) 
  • Nowadays, love for PTI is seen in the hearts of many Americans. The statements of Zalmay Khalilzad and other Americans have gained great importance in Pakistan. Zalmay Khalilzad gave a statement again. People can see open support of PTI in his statements. The statement of an American Congress member Dr. Asif has also come. Apart from this, there have been a few statements from Americans. Imran Khan had started efforts to restore relations with America a few months ago. He also tried to distance himself from the cypher narrative. He himself also met the American officials. Pictures of Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan’s meetings with American officials are doing the rounds. PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Asad Umar have had breakfast with European diplomats in Islamabad. Until yesterday, PTI had objected to such meetings and breakfasts of its opposition. Today they are doing it themselves. The PDM government has not objected to the PTI breakfast get- togethers. It has not been dubbed as a conspiracy against the government. America is currently ruled by the Democrats, while Zalmay Khalilzad is a Republican. Therefore, his status in America is the same as that of Imran Khan in Pakistan. It is not certain that even if the Republican government comes tomorrow, he will have a role because the Afghanistan deal made by Zalmay Khalilzad has not been viewed favorably in America. Therefore, there is no need to take Zalmay Khalilzad’s statements very seriously. It should be considered as the statement of an unemployed politician with bleak prospects of any important role in the future. (Muzammil Suherwardy in Daily Express)
  • Country is facing the scariest times in its history. Sindh organization, The Intellectual Forum, organized a program on March 21 at Karachi Press Club on the subject “Strong provinces and strong Pakistan”. The big take-away from the seminar is that like in the Senate, in the National Assembly also  all provinces should have equal representation. Another take away is that Pakistan will get stronger if domination of one province is done away with. Speakers lamented that feuds are raging even now over basic issues concerning the powers and authority of federal government vis -a -vis provinces. They agreed that there was one way to take the country out of its present crisis and it is running the country in line with Jinnah’s promises and assurances given at the time of formation of Pakistan. The country will have to be run as a true federation with a genuinely democratic federal set-up. Pakistan can get stronger only by giving all rights to provinces and making them powerful. Let 1940 Resolution, Qaid-e-Azam’s assurances, decisions and pacts done with provinces be implemented; reforms be made in 1973 Constitution and 18th Amendment be implemented in toto. (Ali Mohamad Memon in Sindh Exp) 
  • While hearing a case of 20 additional marks to medical students on becoming Hafiz-e-Quran, Supreme Court Judge, Qazi Faiz Isa asked: “Is any Christian student given additional 20 marks on remembering Bible by heart? In the eyes of our constitution, all are equal. The question raised by Justice Isa though harsh, is based on ground realities. Discrimination should be done away with and syllabuses made in such way that students from all religions can get the benefit of education instead of becoming victims of religion-related discrimination. All religions have common lessons of brotherhood and equality, but sadly we have often abused religion. We suffer from ethnicity related hatred or at times from religion-related one. The issues raised by Justice Isa need to be discussed. Our legal system should be free from any political and religious influence. The constitution gives everyone freedom of expression. But, it is harmful for country if an attempt is made to curtail this right one way or the other. Students should be protected from religion related discrimination and negativity. Now we are reaping what has been sown years ago. (Dr. Hussain Musrat in Pahenji, March 22) 
  • Forget remote tribal areas, the neighboring tribal districts of Peshawar, Charsadda, Kohat, Bannu, and Dera Ismail Khan are also deprived of basic facilities like water, electricity, and gas. There is no doubt that the purpose of the merger of tribal areas was to bring one crore tribal into the national stream and give them equal rights but no one has yet tried to heal the wounds of the tribal people. A clear example of discrimination against them is the supply of electricity for only four hours a day and that too intermittently in Khyber tribal district adjacent to provincial capital, Peshawar. Since electricity is directly related to the supply of water and household needs like refrigerators, lighting, fans, and other electrical appliances, there is constant unrest in the tribal areas. The unrest erupted in the form of a siege of Jamrud Grid Station by the local Kuki Khel tribes on the Pak-Afghan Torkham highway and a fierce protest that continued for three days. (Alamgir Afridi in Jasarat) ####