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Pak Urdu Media Digest- Nov 1, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest- Nov 1, 2023

NEWS:  CTD has arrested a dangerous target killer of MQM -London who was a member of the North Karachi Killing Team while conducting operations in the Lines area. The target killer is identified as Rehman Qureshi alias Bablu. CTD spokesperson said that Qureshi killed a person in Ajmeringri in 2011 on linguistic grounds, and killed three activists of the opposition group along with accomplices in the same year. In 2012 the accused killed a political party worker Talha, and in 2013 killed another political worker Hamid along with an unidentified woman. (Ummat)


  • Chief of Pakistan Navy Admiral Naveed Ashraf has held important meetings with the top military leadership during his visit to Saudi Arabia. He met with the Chief of General Staff of the Saudi Armed Forces, General Fayaz bin Hamid Al-Walili. The Naval Chief also met with the Commander of Royal Saudi Naval Forces Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Ghafili. According to Navy spokesman, aspects of cooperation in the military and defense sectors, joint coordination, and other issues were discussed. The visit of Admiral Naveed Ashraf will further promote Pakistan-Saudi bilateral relations. (Ummat)
  • The Anti-corruption department of Sindh has become a bastion of multi-corruption. During the last six and a half years, not a single high-profile inquiry was opened and no high-profile arrests were made. Out of 7,744 corruption complaints, only 756 cases were registered and only 59 people were punished. The reason for this has been political interference in anti-corruption work, recommendation culture and more than that, bribery and extortion from corrupt people. According to official records, from January 1, 2018 to August 20, 2023, the anti-corruption administration has inquired about 7,744 complaints in various government departments and the private sector. 5,257 complaints were dealt with. The remaining 2,487 corruption complaints are under investigation. 1,640 open inquiries were approved, out of which Anti-Corruption Committee No. One (ACC One) headed by Chief Secretary Sindh opened 42 inquiries, ACC headed by Chairman Anti-Corruption 984 while 614 inquiries were approved in the meetings of ACC-3 chaired by Commissioners. During this period, 323 closed inquiries were approved for re-inquiry. But another 1,19 inquiries were dealt with and closed during this period. Out of all inquiries 9.76% i.e., 756 cases have been registered; of them only 7.8% i.e., 59 people have been punished. But they also do not include any high-profile personalities. Moreover, especially during the last ten to fifteen years, the performance of anti-corruption dept has almost decreased. Sources said the government itself has tied the hands of the anti-corruption department saying if there is an effective action against corruption, it will defame the Sindh government.  (Ummat 31 Oct)
  • Caretaker Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar said that Pakistan is keen to increase the use of the Chinese currency (RMB) in trade and investment. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the bank established for the clearing of Chinese currency (RMB) in Islamabad. Dr. Shamshad said that China has been Pakistan’s biggest trade partner and biggest source of investment for years. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zedong and others participated in the event. The establishment of the RMB clearing business will help connect the offshore RMB markets in Pakistan and China, facilitating cross-border transactions in multiple sectors. Jiang Zedong said that the establishment of the RMB Clearing Bank is also an important financial support to promote Belt and Road cooperation. (Nawaiwaqt)
  • The November issue of the Musalman bachay has published an article by JeM Chief Maulana Masood Azhar (It is not known whether this is a fresh article or a reprint from his earlier articles). However, the article is titled ‘Asaan Rasta’ in which Masood Azar writes about performing routine prayers and remembering Allah. The article has not referred to any current political situation. (Musalmanbachay. November)


  • A constable and four labourers were killed in an exchange of fire during an attack on a police station by miscreants in the Turbat, Balochistan. Senior Superintendent of Police Kech, Mohammad Baloch said around 20 miscreants attacked the police station in Nasirabad at around 2:30 a.m. Constables Isa and Hassan tried to stop the miscreants; while Isa died, Hassan was injured in the exchange of fire; miscreants snatched  away their weapons. 17 laborers were in the police station for safety after completing their work. 4 of them died and one is missing while 11 others are safe. A heavy police force reached the spot and started searching for the accused. (Aeen Daily) 
  • The government has approved a 172% hike in gas prices for domestic consumers, which will be effective from November 1. A statement issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority stated that the federal government  approved the increase in gas prices. After that, the Petroleum Division also issued a notification for the increase in gas prices. According to the notification, the price has not been increased for protected consumers of gas from 25 to 90 cubic meters per month, while the fixed charges for protected consumers have been increased from Rs. 10 to Rs. 400. The monthly bill for protected consumers will not be more than Rs. 900. The gas rates for the ovens have not been increased. The price of gas has been increased by more than 172 percent for non-protected domestic consumers. According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Energy, the gas reserves in the country are decreasing at the rate of 5 to 10 percent annually, and importing gas is increasing the financial burden on the national treasury due to the depreciation of the rupee. Besides that, the production and distribution costs have also increased. (Aeen Daily) 
  • The Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore has ordered that Asad Umar and the sisters of Imran Khan and Asad Umar should be included in the investigation of the cases registered in connection with May 9 attacks on military installations. Asad Umar and both sisters of chairman PTI appeared in the court.  The investigating officer complained that the accused

were not appearing before them for questioning.  The accused however claimed that they had gone to join the investigation but the investigating officer was not available. The lawyer of the accused told the court that let them tell us what are the charges against Asad Umar and the two sisters. Anti-Terrorism Court Judge Arshad Javed extended the bails of Asad Umar and other accused till November 22. (Aeen Daily) 

  • After the voluntary return of Aghan residents from Peshawar 42 thousand houses and shops have become vacant. The number of so many vacant flats and shops has resulted in falling the rents. In many parts of the city ‘For rent’ plaques are put on vacant shops and houses. Local people don’t need them. Nobody is coming forward to take them on rent. After the return of Afghan students, several hostels also have become vacant. (Aeen Daily) 
  • The accountability court has extended interim bail of Bushra Bibi in the corruption and Tosha Khana cases. Judge Mohammad Bashir heard the case. Former first lady Bushra Bibi appeared in the court. The investigating officers of NAB submitted a written statement in the court in which it was said that the arrest of Bushra Bibi is not required yet. Later, the court extended Bushra Bibi’s interim bail till November 15. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Former President Asif Ali Zardari said he made Shahbaz Sharif Prime Minister but he did not work. During a meeting with elders at the Zardari House, he said that the previous government did not work for the people. People’s Party has always worked for the people, I will establish an agriculture university in Nawabshah and a police university will be established in the district in which the candidates will be trained. He said that a hydro system will be installed on the Rohri canal to generate electricity. The improvement of the canal system will improve the agricultural sector. The population of Nawabshah is increasing; so the city will be expanded. (Qudrat Daily)
  • The ATC, Lahore has sent PTI activist Khadija Shah to jail on a 14-day judicial remand in the May 9 riots case.  It should be noted that Sarwar Road police station has registered a case of arson against her. (Qudrat Daily)      
  • A Lahore court has rejected the request of anti-corruption department for further physical remand of Chaudhry Pervez Ilahi in the illegal recruitment case. Pervez Ilahi, who was arrested by the anti-corruption authorities was produced before the Judicial Magistrate Amir Raza Bittu’s Court after completing his 2-day physical remand. The anti-corruption lawyer told the court that 41 lakhs were recovered from one house of Parvez Ilahi, while the other house is in Gujarat, and the recovery is also to be done from there and Parvez Ilahi’s mobile phone is also to be recovered. So the court ordered another 10 day remand to complete the investigation. Parvez Ilahi himself came to the rostrum and after taking the oath said that there was no recovery of any money. They are lying and it is their habit. Parvez Ilahi’s lawyer also opposed the physical remand and argued that the recruitment in the Punjab Assembly was done on merit; the candidates were tested by OTS, and interviews were conducted in the light of the results. Parvez Ilahi has nothing to do with these recruitments. The court rejected the request for the physical remand of Pervez Ilahi and sent him to jail on judicial remand for fourteen days. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • A peace deal between rival groups brokered by the local clerics and tribal elders in the Kurram region a day ago has failed with a fresh series of clashes, resulting in an unknown number of dead and injured. No official statement has yet been released regarding the number of people killed since last week. If the details of those killed are released, the conflict may spread to other areas. Officials said a controversial video clip triggered the clash, the main factor of which is a land dispute in a sensitive area. The week-long clashes have left between 9 and 30 dead and both groups are using heavy and sophisticated weapons. The need is to destroy the bunkers and de-weaponize the area, an official said. Officials admitted that militant tribals occupy these bunkers and resort to firing whenever there is a problem. Besides that, the presence of modern and heavy weapons makes the situation critical for law enforcement agencies. On Sunday, a local Jirga is claimed to have brokered a ceasefire, but armed clashes continued for the seventh day. Deputy Commissioner Karam Syed Saiful Islam said that we had controlled the situation to an extent and efforts are underway to get both sides to agree to a ceasefire. (Dawn Daily) 
  • Efforts to stop the bloody fighting between the tribes that are involved in riots in the tribal district of Kurram for the past eight days and to establish a ceasefire have finally started to appear successful. According to reports, the security forces have been fully mobilized to clear the fronts of the armed men. On the other hand, more people have been killed and injured as a result of firing from two sides last night. With this death toll has gone up to 65, while more than 150 are said to be injured. (Daily Intekhab)  
  • After several months of clashes in the Wadh region of Balochistan, two rival groups of the Mengal tribe reached Islamabad and accused each other of running death squads and receiving government patronage. Sardar Akhtar Mengal, head of the Balochistan National Party (Mengal), set up a protest camp outside the Parliament House while the rival group held a press conference. The party had planned to set up a dharna camp at the National Press Club, but the Islamabad administration did not allow it. Sardar Akhtar Mengal said that supporting non-state elements is a wrong policy that has never succeeded. He also accused Caretaker Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti of running a private militia ‘Aman Lashkar’ in Dera Bugti. He alleged that these armed groups are not only being supported by the state but are being given free rein to eliminate political and social activists, writers, poets, and labourers in Balochistan. He also accused his rival Shafiq Mengal of causing bloodshed in Khuzdar through his group ‘Jhalawan Awami Panel’. (Dawn Daily) 
  • The deadline for illegal foreigners to leave Pakistan is over and from today, the law will come into action against the illegal foreigners living in Pakistan. On the last day of the deadline, 21,000 Afghan citizens went to Afghanistan via Torkham.  So far 1 lakh 4 thousand 481 Afghan refugees have returned. As soon as the deadline expired, the crackdown started in Karachi; police took action near the Sadar area, detained 4 immigrants, and transferred them to the police station. At the holding center, NADRA staff will collect the biometric data of the detained Afghan citizens, after which they will be handed over to the Afghan authorities at Torkham. According to government officials, a non-stop train will take Afghans to the Chaman border from Karachi via Rohri. Due to security concerns in Balochistan, the special train will depart from Karachi in the evening, which will travel overnight through Sindh and it will reach Balochistan during the day. The authorities have said that the deadline for the illegal residents to leave the country will not be extended. (Dunya Daily) 
  • Additional General Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Balochistan, Alam Khan Kakad has stated that the Caretaker Government should immediately withdraw the decision to send Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan and stop harassing Pashtuns in the name of refugees across the country. He stated this while reviewing the decision to send Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan.  (Urdu Point)
  • Naib Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan Bashir Ahmad Mandai stated that the Caretaker Government should avoid anti-people measures.  The task of the Supervisory Governments is not to increase inflation and debts, but to hold a fair and transparent election. Increasing the prices of gas and electricity is equivalent to suffocating the people. Making national policies under American pressure instead of national interests is pushing the nation towards permanent slavery. Due to the failed foreign policy, false propaganda against Pakistan is spreading in Afghanistan. Government should increase friendship and love between Pakistan and Afghanistan, improve relations with neighbors and avoid hatred. He expressed these views during a meeting with the officials in Dera Murad Jamali. (Urdu Point)
  • Leaders of Pashtun nationalist parties stated that the government and the establishment want to extract dollars by blackmailing in the name of Afghan refugees. Those who called Afghans heroes and mujahids in the past are now forcing them out and putting women and children in jail even though Afghan Kadwals are living here on their own land with their brothers. The next target will be the Pashtuns; the preparations for the operation against them have started. The rulers and the establishment of Pakistan started bloodshed in Afghanistan in the name of Jihad and Islam. (Urdu Point)
  • The Central Chairman of the Afghan National Movement, Ahmad Khan, has stated that Pashtun Afghans are living on the land of their ancestors and after spending 40 years, Afghans should have received the green card of this country. Those who talk about the forced evacuation of Afghan refugees should stay within their limits. The forced evacuation of Afghan refugees is a distraction from the ongoing unrest and economic woes in the country. He stated that they will not allow anyone to gain political advantage in the name of Afghan refugees. In a statement, he stated that Afghan refugees are living a peaceful life by working hard in Pakistan under a special agreement until complete peace comes to Afghanistan. Therefore, the forced evacuation of Afghan refugees will be a violation of the Geneva Convention. (Urdu Point)
  • Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has stated that Afghans are being blackmailed and their properties are being seized. On the issue of the deadline for the return of Afghan refugees, the Maulana stated that Afghan refugees are a two-sided problem. Negotiations should be held with the Afghan Government. The method of their return should be decided by taking the Afghan Government into confidence. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan, Daily Islam)
  • The United States has sought a pause in the scanning and screening of 25,000 Afghans residing in Pakistan for their transfer to the United States. The data is available and scanning and screening for complete verification will be done before leaving for the US. Most of these Afghans worked as helpers in various operations of NATO forces in Afghanistan. (Jang) 
  • Who is taping audios of people in Pakistan and how? Islamabad High Court has asked the federal government this question and sought a response within one month. Justice Babar Sattar raised important questions while hearing the petitions of PTI Chairman’s wife Bushra Bibi and former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar’s son Najm-us-Saqib in the audio leaks case. The court asked Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan as to how electronic surveillance is carried out and by whom. The audios of the Prime Minister’s Office, the family of the former Chief Justice and the Supreme Court judge were leaked. PTA is saying that it did not give permission to anyone. If the AG is taking the position that all audios were tapped without the authority of government, then such a thing is scary. (Jang) 
  • Unknown miscreants attacked the residence of the leader of former PTI leader now with PTIPP Haji Nawab Khan in Jalozai area of Nowshera with rocket launchers, but there was no casualty; the building was partially destroyed. Nawab Khan was not present at the time of the attack, while the family miraculously survived the attack. The rocket attack spread panic in the area. After the attack, the police cordoned off the area and started a search operation. (Jang) 
  • Taking part in Hamid Mir in Geo’s program “Capital Talk”, former federal minister Faisal Vawda said that remnants of the old establishment are still present in the judicial system of Pakistan. The case against Kulbhushan Yadav has weakened due to the verdict against the military courts. With this verdict, espionage has been legalized in Pakistan. Terrorist organizations are welcoming the court verdict. (Jang) 
  • The four dacoits who were killed in a police encounter in Saudabad yesterday have been identified. Two of them belong to Afghanistan and one each is from Karachi and Quetta. The Police gave their names as Akhtar Gul and Muhammad Dad of Afghanistan, Haider Khan from Quetta and Qamaruddin from Quaidabad area of Karachi. Akhtar Gul and Muhammad Dad were residents of Afghan Camp and Malir Allahwala town in Karachi. (Jang) 
  • As part of the federal government’s measures to deport foreign nationals,  the illegal Afghans living in Karachi will be arrested and placed first in the International Scout Hostel Amen House and then, if there is no space, in Baitul Hujjaj Karachi; later on they will be sent to Afghanistan or any other relevant country. For this purpose, an office has also been established in the International Scout Hostel Amen House. (Jang) 
  • The process of forced deportation will start from today. Transferable and Non-transferable assets would be seized. The caretaker Information Minister of Balochistan Jan Achakzai said that such people will be expelled from Balochistan by identification process. Three points have been made in Quetta, Pishin and Qila Abdullah. Federal Interior Minister Sarfraz Bagti said that the illegal Afghan citizens will be brought to the nearest border. Those Pakistanis who have kept illegal foreigners in their houses on rent are equally involved in the crime.   Peshawar police have called a high-level meeting to decide the strategy for the evacuation of illegal Afghan refugees. Around 2,000 illegal Afghan refugees have been identified in Mardan. The district administration has set up a temporary camp in Chamtar Bus Terminal for the migration of refugees to their country. In Swabi district so far 171 families residing illegally have moved to Afghanistan, while today, on the last day of evacuation, another 22 families will go back to their country. (Jang) 
  • The News has learnt that the government, with the help of military officials, has launched a crackdown against more than 150 surrogate betting companies (companies that advertise gambling and betting) operating in Pakistan, which are causing loss of billions of dollars to the economy. These companies specialize on cricket and conduct their operations through websites and mobile applications accessible in Pakistan. Information and Broadcasting Minister Murtaza Solangi while talking to The News revealed that all the departments are united with the military establishment to eliminate these gambling and betting companies. (Jang) 
  • A two-member bench of the Sindh High Court, headed by Justice Nematullah Phalphoto, ordered to speed up the process of recovering the missing citizens, Furqan Khan, Imran, Abid Ali and others. The report of the police officials said that the search is going on taking into account all the institutions and various references. The federal secretary report said that the said subjects are not present in any detention center. Expressing dissatisfaction with the JIT, PTF and police reports, the court remarked that every possible effort should be made to find the missing persons. The court directed the DIG Investigation to look into the matter personally saying that tracing missing persons is everyone’s responsibility. (Jang) 
  • Tired of inflation, a mother along with her two young daughters tried to commit suicide by consuming poison in a house located near Steel Town Kadir Nagar of Karachi. They were taken to the Jinnah Hospital. Her 2-year-old daughter Sana died   and mother 30-year-old Noorjahan, wife of Aslam, and her 6-year-old daughter Hina are in an unconscious. State.  (Jang) 
  • The National Commission on Human Rights has recommended stopping the return of Afghan refugees, saying that the government should ensure that women, children and families are not separated during cross-border movement. The NCHR asked the government to deal with Afghan refugees in accordance with national and international human rights commitments. A delegation of human rights defenders submitted a petition to the commission requesting that it play a role in preventing the government from arresting, harassing or forcibly deporting Afghan refugees. (Jang) 
  • US Ambassador Donald Blome has met Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and discussed important bilateral issues. They discussed Afghan citizens eligible for relocations or resettlement in the United States. The US ambassador highlighted the mutual interest of both countries in ensuring the safety and security of refugees and asylum seekers. He highlighted the importance of establishing a proper screening mechanism for Afghans and said that in the process, people making legitimate claims are not harmed. (Daily Khabrain)  
  • Former leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Ghulam Sarwar Khan has announced to join the Istehkam Pakistan Party. During his meeting with Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan, he showed his trust in their leadership and joined the Istehkam Pakistan Party. Ghulam Sarwar Khan left Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf condemning the events of 9th May. (Daily Khabrain, Roznama Intekhab)
  • The Islamabad High Court has reinstated the appeals against Nawaz Sharif’s sentence in the Avenfield and Al-Azizia Steel Mills references, while the suspension of sentence order in the Avenfield reference was also reinstated. At the same time, the Punjab government’s suspension of sentence order in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference was accepted. A division bench of   comprising Chief Justice Aamir Farooq and Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb issued a 7-page detailed decision to reinstate the appeals. The court said the fact cannot be denied that once the appeals are accepted for hearing, they will be decided on merits. There is no such precedent of the judgments of the higher courts where the appeal of the convicted person has been rejected on the ground of absconding; the appeals are restored on the grounds of non-opposition by NAB. (Daily Khabrain, Roznama Intekhab)
  • Three rockets were fired at the gate of the security forces located near Panjgur Chitkan Rukhshan bridge which exploded in an empty field; no damage was reported. According to the police, three air gun rockets were fired at the gate of the security forces, from an unidentified direction, which fell in an empty field away from the gate. (Daily Intekhab)


  • Important decisions were approved yesterday in the meeting of the federal cabinet under the chairmanship of Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar. The   cabinet was also briefed regarding the expulsion of illegal immigrants and it was told that under the Foreign Act, 1947, expulsion orders have been issued to all provinces. Security agencies are detaining illegal immigrants. Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Murtaza Solangi, in a media briefing said that there was no extension in the deadline for the eviction of illegally staying foreigners. When Pakistan announced that it was going to expel illegally staying Afghans, a strong reaction was also expressed by the Taliban administration in Kabul and the US State Department who asked Pakistan to review the decision. But in the context of the bitter reality that for the last 44 years Afghan refugees have burdened the economy of Pakistan, not only the Kabul administration has not thanked Pakistan for its hospitality, but the majority of Afghan refugees have promoted various crimes and terrorism here. They have ruined the tolerant culture of Pakistan. (Edit Nawaiwaqt)
  • The deadline for illegally staying foreigners including Afghans expired yesterday. The government        bn             also said blunt no to any extension of this deadline. Now, orders have been given to make announcements from masjid loudspeakers reminding illegally staying foreigners to leave. The caretaker government claims two lakh illegally staying foreigners have gone back to their countries during the past two months. The PM has also given an ok for work plan and data is being compiled to send back illegally staying foreigners. Those who are being sent back to their countries, can come back through official/legal channels. In his briefings, the federal information minister has clarified that the operation is against illegally staying foreigners and not just against Afghans only. He has also said the majority of these illegally staying foreigners are Afghans “but it is wrong to say that only Afghans are being sent back”.  By taking the above steps, the caretaker government has done great favour on the State and also to people. Maybe there is no immediate relief from above measures, but times to come will show distinct and good results from the exercise. Not only will there be a distinct decline in fundamentalist and terror activities, unemployment too will come down in days to come. Hence, we hope the next phases of deportation will be completed in proper ways paving the way for realization of the dream of better and brighter future for countrymen. (Ibrat, Edit)
  • The deadline for the illegal residents of Pakistan to voluntarily leave the country has ended today. The government had made it clear that strict action would be taken against those found to be illegally staying in the country after that and they would be deported. No indication has been given by the government to extend this deadline. A large number of illegal Afghans returned to Afghanistan through Torkham and Chaman in recent days. According to the news, the number of such people is more than one lakh, but it is still small compared to the number of Afghans illegally residing in the country. According to an estimate, there are around 500,000 Afghan urban settlements in Sindh province, around 300,000 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, while their number is around 50,000 in Punjab. This means that millions of Afghan citizens are still living in the country illegally. Therefore, this evacuation campaign has to be continued with determination and planning. There is no doubt that a country cannot afford to harbour illegal foreigners or allow a foreigner to enter the country without a passport. It is gratifying that the government has given enough time for this work and created facilities for foreigners for voluntary return. The people who did not take advantage of this facility and opportunity now have only one option left to be detained and deported. The internal conditions of Afghanistan are no longer such that Afghan citizens like to live as immigrants in other countries. For more than two years, the management of Afghanistan is in the hands of its own people; Therefore, going back to the Afghanistan, is no risk for them. This decision by Pakistan is neither harassment nor unjustified. The doors of Pakistan are open for Afghan citizens with regular legal procedures. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity? (Edit-Dunya Daily) 


  • The government has suddenly decided to hike gas tariff by almost 200 per cent. This is the only fuel in the country that runs every activity. People were given relief by cutting down petrol prices and yet, burdens were passed on to people with the above decision on gas tariff. When people are already paying heavy taxes directly and indirectly, why not subsidise gas, power, petrol and water tariffs. If laws are the same for all, why is there a growing disparity between rich and poor. The authorities must answer as to why despite government hospitals and schools, people are taking to private hospitals and private schools/ People also would like to know why they have to use solar energy for power and why despite police being around, people are taking to private security?  (Edits-Awami. Oct.31, Daily Pakistan)
  • There is no single day in Sindh when karo kari (honour killing) is not reported from one or other part of the province. Two deaths were reported now. One karo kari took place at before in one such case at Goth Yar Mahmad Isani. Though many laws are enacted to champion women rights, hardly there is any implementation of these laws. As long as the sardar and wadera system is around in Sindh, crimes in the name of karo kari will not stop. Karo kari is not a custom but is a crime and perpetrators of this crime must be brought to book, says edit. (Pahenji, Edit, Oct.31)
  •  Caretaker Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has divided the province into three zones in view of administrative reforms under which the Southern Districts, Central Districts and Northern Districts will function as separate zones. Officers with extensive experience in administrative affairs say that this is a welcome initiative but we will know whether it is a good move or not after its implementation for a while. (Daily Pakistan Edit)


  • The caretaker federal cabinet has taken important decisions. These range from mind blowing hike in gas prices for various categories of consumers to the Hajj Policy 2024, and removing Pakistan Steel Mills from the privatization program. The gas price decision was certainly difficult decision for the caretaker government. The IMF had set a precondition of extraordinary increase in gas prices before its new review mission visited Pakistan. All subsidies had to be withdrawn as the revolving debt reached 2100 billion. Gas became more expensive by 172% for domestic consumers after the new prices were approved. A monthly fixed bill of Rs 400 was introduced. Rates for ovens have not been changed  but it was fixed at 4400 for cement sector, 3600 for CNG, 2100 for export industries, 2200 for non-export industries and 1050 for power plants. Effective from November 1, this decision will impose an additional burden of Rs 350 billion on consumers. Gas prices were increased by 113% earlier, which burdened consumers by Rs 340 billion. The new rates will add to their woes. The Federal Cabinet also reduced Hajj package by one lakh rupees. Next year, 189210 people will be able to perform Hajj. Government and private quota will be equal. Hajj package is Rs.10. 75 Lakhs for the southern region while Rs.10.65 Lakh has been fixed for the northern region. Any woman can perform Hajj without a Mahram (first relative). The facility of ‘Road to Makkah’ Project for Hajj 2024 will be available at Islamabad Airport. According to the briefing of the caretaker information minister, illegal residents will be sent to their country from the nearest holding center. It should be noted that the deadline for voluntary return of illegal immigrants has expired. (Edits-Jang, Daily Khabrain) 
  • Come winter migrant birds flock to Sindh and bird hunters rush to Sindh. Surprisingly, wildlife authorities do not speak a word. This has been going on since years and Sindh people have also made protests against hunting of migrant birds but to no avail. The bird hunters coming from abroad enjoy a lot of patronage at national level and hence peoples’ protests do not make any difference to them. This season hunting of such birds has been going on in the last one month in the coastal areas of Jati and Sujawal. Put simply, birds and animals are not safe in Sindh because bird hunting is allowed legally. The government and wildlife department should play their role and ban hunting of rare breeds of birds, (Sindh Exp, Edit)#####