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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Nov 6, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Nov 6, 2023

NEWS: Pakistan’s Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti has said that the names of the terrorists involved in the three major incidents may be different, but the enemy behind the scenes is the same. He was referring to the terrorist attack on the Pakistan Air Force base in Mianwali, the killing of 14 personnel in Gwadar and the bomb blast in Dera Ismail Khan Sarfraz Bugti said the recent wave of terrorism is a plot to make Pakistan once again vulnerable to uncertainty and instability. All the civil and military institutions will unite to defend the country till the last drop of blood and thwart the plots of the enemies. It should be noted that the Pakistan Air Force base in Mianwali was attacked by a terrorist group on Friday. According to the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army, ISPR, in this attack no functional operational assets of the PAF was damaged. However, only three non-operational aircraft were slightly damaged. According to ISPR, all the nine terrorists who attacked have been killed and the clearance operation has been completed after foiling the attack by the militants. According to the ISPR statement, after the attack on the air base, a successful operation was carried out by the security forces to eliminate any possible threat in the surrounding area. These ISPR claims have not been independently verified. However, an unknown militant organization Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the attack. On Friday, in the coastal city of Gwadar in Balochistan, terrorists targeted two vehicles of the security forces and killed 14 personnel. According to ISPR, the vehicles of the security forces were targeted when they were on their way to Ormara. It should be noted that outlawed Baloch militant organizations are active in the areas of Gwadar and Coastal Highway. In the past too, there have been major attacks on forces in these areas, some of which have been claimed by the outlawed organizations. However, no one has yet claimed responsibility for the latest attack. Similarly, six people were killed and more than 15 injured in a bomb blast near a police van in Dera Ismail Khan on Friday. (Urdu, Voice of America)

  • Terrorists attacked Police Check Post Rohri located in the limits of Kalachi Police Station in Dera Ismail Khan. According to the police, unknown terrorists attacked with heavy weapons. According to the police, the terrorists escaped in the retaliatory action of the soldiers of the police post. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan)
  • A report says 30% percent of the internal inquiry work has been completed while a JIT has also been formed to investigate the illegal issuance of identity cards and other documents and who among NADRA employees are involved in making fake identity cards in the country. According to NADRA officials, in the internal inquiry, the responsible persons are being given other major punishments including dismissal, the departmental accountability and inquiry system has also been strengthened through which more than 18 thousand illegal ID cards have been identified and cancelled. (Urdu Point)
  • Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) Chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai said that tension with neighboring countries in the current situation is not good. Nawaz Sharif was punished for talking about better relations with neighbors. He added that except Nawaz Sharif all the political leaders are giving negative statements against neighboring countries. (Jang) 
  • PML N leader Captain (R) Safdar has said that Nawaz Sharif should be given a chance to rule Pakistan for 10 years. In a chat with the media at Mardan, he said Nawaz is a principled politician and has the key to every problem. Safdar, who is the husband of Maryam Nawaz, also said that elections will be held on time. “The country will not run without elections, as someone has disturbed the democratic system. If containers are placed, then dollars and flour will not come under control. Talks should be done with every patriot, but no one should join hands with the Dajjali fitna (the Anti-Christ anarchy) of May 9”. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • PML-N Vice President and former Punjab Chief Minister, Hamza Shahbaz has said that under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, the economy will be restored again. If PML-N gets another chance, it will try its best to provide relief to the people. While talking to the media in the Misri Shah area of Lahore, he said that all political parties should be united on one agenda. All parties should put effort in running the wheel of the economy. The common man can get relief only when the wheel of economy runs properly. He further said that whichever party comes to power after the elections, it should present an economic agenda, and it should get constitutional protection for at least 10 years. If the economy of Pakistan flourishes, common man gets relief. He said that the requirements of a level playing field are different. If someone has stolen the nation’s money, he should be held accountable. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • A case has been registered against Adnan Qaiser, the brother of former Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser for making accusations against state institutions. The case was registered by Swabi resident Aftab Ali saying that Adnan was accusing the institutions on social media that his brother Asad Qaiser was arrested without any evidence.     Asad Qaiser, was arrested yesterday from Bani Gala, the residence of Imran Khan, the PTI supremo. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Senior politician and former federal minister Javed Hashmi has said that Nawaz Sharif or Shahbaz Sharif will not become prime minister again. He said that Nawaz Sharif’s public meeting in Lahore was not a game changer. It did not have an impact on politics. He added: “I will also contest election, but I have never applied for a ticket to any party and it is not necessary to contest the election on the ticket of PML-N”. It should be noted that Javed Hashmi was not invited to participate in the Minar e Pakistan rally PML N staged after Nawaz returned to Lahore. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Haba Fawad has said that she was not told of the grounds for the arrest of her husband and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry. Talking to the media outside the Islamabad court, she said that today she came to know about the FIR against Fawad Chaudhry. He was brought to Islamabad District Judicial Complex under police security. At the time of appearance in the court, Fawad Chaudhry had a cloth on his face and handcuffs on his hands. The court remanded him to police for two days. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • PML N leaders have suggested that Nawaz Sharif should also invite Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) for consultations he intends to hold with political parties on the solution of the country’s economic problems and the strengthening of democracy. According to a private TV, Nawaz will be holding these consultations before setting out his election campaign. It is said that he would personally contact leaders of various parties in the next few days. Nawaz Sharif also wants to inform the political parties about the strategy of avoiding personal opposition and not taking political revenge. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Former president Asif Ali Zardari had a meeting with PPP officials and dignitaries in Nawabshah and listened to ground reports. He told them that the PPP would enter the poll fray with an effective campaign and the best manifesto.  “If the right to rule is given to us, then the problems will be solved at the grassroots level”.  (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Mehmood Khan Achakzai, the Chairman of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) has called for a round table conference to discuss ways to tackle Pakistan’s problems. Addressing a press conference in Quetta, he lent support to PML N saying, “As long as Mian Nawaz Sharif stays on the path of democracy, we are with him”.  He warned the friends of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) not to go beyond a limit in their hostility towards Imran Khan. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Close associates of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have claimed that Mian saheb is not interested in Balochistan politics. Sources said he directed his workers to concentrate on Punjab, Federation, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa instead of Balochistan. It should be remembered that between 2013 and 2018, several PML N leaders of Balochistan (including Nawab Sardar) cheated the PML-N and formed the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP). In the Senate election also, they had violated the party line. Sources added that Nawaz is not in favor of accepting anyone of them into the party except Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani. Although the former Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal participated in the meeting to welcome him, Nawaz Sharif refused to meet him. According to sources, Nawaz Sharif wants to give priority to leaders who stand with the party in troubled times. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PTI Vice President of Zahir Shah Toro has said that Tehreek-e-Insaf will fight the election on its own power. Talking to a TV channel, he said that PTI has no intention of forming an alliance with anyone in the upcoming elections in the province. He said that PTI is the only strong party in the province. All political parties should be united on a level playing field. He also said that all political parties except PTI are hiding their faces from the people. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • The Pakistan People Party has once again accused the PML-N of colluding with the caretaker government and said that the Leader of the House is the Prime Minister’s representative in the Senate, then, in what capacity is Ishaq Dar, the central leader of the PML-N, as the leader of the Senate? Secretary General Pakistan People Party Syed Nair Bukhari said in his statement that the caretaker government and the Election Commission have to prove their impartiality and behavior. He said that ensuring free elections is the responsibility of the establishment, election commission and caretaker governments. (Roznama Intekhab)  
  •  PML-N leader and former federal interior minister Rana Sanaullah has said that after the election we will form the government. Those who are today shouting about inflation should remember the year 2017-18 when ML-N ended terrorism and load shedding. No country or house can be established on the basis of hatred, if someone goes mad, the family cannot work until he is tied up. Addressing a gathering in Faisalabad, Rana Sanaullah said that we will do all the legitimate work. We promise to get the country out of problems again. He said that during our era, sugar was 52 rupees per kg, petrol was 65 rupees per liter, and the dollar was 110 rupees. When the country was developing, what was the need to experiment with Pagal Khan? He said that when you will vote, there will be a 5-year mandate, and then the country will develop. They put the heroine in my vehicles and false cases were made against me, (Dunya Daily) 
  • Information Secretary of PPP Lahore and former MPA Faiza Malik has said that the occurrence of terrorist incidents in the country immediately after the poll date was announced is worrisome. It is not good that anti-Pakistan forces are active again. She stated that they strongly condemn the incidents of terrorism at Pisni and Mianwali Air Base and demand the Caretaker Government to ensure immediate implementation of the National Action Plan to save the country from untoward incidents. (Urdu Point)
  • FIA Immigration arrested 2 passengers from abroad at Karachi Airport. The accused had tried to go to Bosnia on fake documents from Saudi Arabia. (Urdu Point) l
  • Several Balochistan police officials have been suspended after a video of them showing sympathy to Afghan refugees living illegally in Pakistan went viral on social media. (Urdu Point)
  • On the call of Central Association of Traders of Balochistan, leaders of political parties have condemned the unjustified harassment of traders by Customs and Customs Intelligence and stated that if the 23-point demands of the traders were not implemented, the process of breaking the locks of traders’ warehouses like thieves in the dark of night and seizing goods worth crores of rupees and harassing the traders unjustly was not stopped immediately then today, on November 6, they will hold a dharna in front of the Customs office, in which they will announce the future action plan. (Urdu Point)
  • Another bill that was supposed to be passed by both houses of Parliament several months ago has gone missing. According to a report, the attention of the Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs was drawn to the non-approval of the Protection of Family Life and Wedlock Bill 2023 in the notice submitted to the Senate Secretariat with the signatures of Saleem Mandviwalla and Taj Haider of the People’s Party.  The aim of the latest bill is to protect the family life of spouses of civil servants working under the administrative control of the Federal Directorate of Education by keeping in view the matters related to transfer, posting and the provisions of Articles 25, 34 and 35 of the Constitution and to ensure the protection of the family. (Daily Pakistan, Dawn)
  • Another bill which was supposed to be passed by both the houses of the Parliament several months ago has been revealed to be missing. According to the media report, the attention notice submitted to the Senate Secretariat with the signature of PPP Senators Salim Mandviwala and Taj Haider drew the attention of the Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to the non-approval of the Protection of Family Life and Woodlock Bill 2023. The bill was passed by the National Assembly on 27th July and sent to the Senate on 30th July 2023. The bill was passed by the Senate on 7th August, after which it was sent to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for approval by the Prime Minister and then the President. However, this bill did not become an Act of Parliament and it is not known where it disappeared. The aim of the latest bill is to protect the family life of spouses of civil servants working under the administrative control of the Federal Directorate of Education by considering matters related to transfer, posting and to ensure protection of family as per Articles 25, 34 and 35 of the Constitution. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • Amir of Jamaat e Islami Siraj ul Haq has said that the current rulers did not represent the nation on the Palestinian issue. The Muslim rulers should announce Jihad against Israel for its savagery against the people of Gaza. In a statement, Siraj ul Haq said that the silence of Pakistan and Muslim rulers on the Palestine issue is due to the fear of America. If the Zionist ambitions are not defeated in Gaza, they will become a dragon and swallow all the neighboring countries as well. He called for an Islamic summit on Palestine and said that practical measures should be taken to protect Gaza from Israeli aggression. (Dunya Daily) 
  • Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has held an important meeting with Ismail Haniyeh, and Khaled Mashal, the head of Hamas in Qatar, in which they discussed the Israeli attacks and the situation. The Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami said that the Muslim rulers should declare a collective jihad against Israel over the brutality in Gaza. He said that the current rulers of the Muslim countries did not represent the nation on the Palestinian issue. The silence of Pakistan and Muslim rulers is due to the fear of America. American aid to Israel is equivalent to issuing a license to massacre Palestinians. Sirajul Haq said that the expansionist ambitions of the Zionist state must be stopped. According to him, if the Zionist ambitions are not defeated in Gaza, it will become a dragon and swallow the neighboring countries as well. He called for an Islamic summit on Palestine and said that practical measures should be taken to protect Gaza from Israeli aggression. Haq also announced the organizing a march for solidarity with the people of Gaza in Lahore on November 19. (Jasarat)
  • Former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has strongly condemned the Israeli minister’s threat to drop an atomic bomb on Gaza, saying that it is proof that the Zionist state and its nuclear force are in the hands of extremist fanatics. The killers of innocents have a plan to carry out a suicide attack on the whole world. In one of his statements, he demanded that the IAEA immediately appoint monitors on the nuclear facilities of the Zionist state. The world must give a concrete response to the extremism and nuclear insanity of the Zionist state. This madness is like burning the whole world. He said that silence on the massacre of innocent population may have more terrible consequences. The statement about dropping the atomic bomb reveals future thinking and intentions, if fanatics are not stopped, the world will become hell. The international community, the Security Council and the Islamic world take serious note of the threat. He added that Islamic countries should start a joint campaign at the diplomatic level. (Jasarat)  
  • Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leader Saad Rizvi said that this is the time to fight Jews, and save Al-Qudus and children of Palestine. Allama Zuhair said that if we get permission, we are ready to turn our containers towards Palestine. 57 Islamic Countries are there but Palestinians are still waiting, our 15 lakh buddies are ready to die with Palestinians, give us permission. (Jang) 
  • Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Chief Siraj ul Haq has left for Iran and Liaquat Baloch would be the acting Chief of JIP in his absence. (Jang) 
  • Hafiz Saad Rizvi, the head of Tehreek-e-Labbaik, has said that the government of Pakistan should announce practical help to the Palestinians, this is the time to show strength to the enemy. Tehreek-e-Labbaik held a Tufan-e-Al-Aqsa March in Islamabad against the Israeli aggression on Gaza, in which a large number of activists participated. The activists raised the Palestinian flag and chanted ‘Labbaik Al-Aqsa.’ Ismail Haniyeh addressed the march through a telephone. Hafiz Saad Rizvi said that Ismail Haniyeh said that Pakistan is a brave nation. The global colonialist forces have the opinion that it has weakened Pakistan through debts. Saad Rizvi demanded that the government of Pakistan should announce practical assistance to the Palestinians, it is time to protect the First Qibla, it is time to show the enemy the power given to Pakistan by Allah. The dream of a Greater Israel has been shattered by Hamas, and we declare that we will stand in the way of Greater Israel. We are ready to unite all religious and political parties for Palestine. Ismail Haniyeh! Listen, that we are all in this together for your mission. (Jasarat)  
  • Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami reached Egypt to help the Palestinians. Senator has reportedly met Dr. Rami, the head of the Egyptian Red Crescent in Cairo. The Israeli plan to expel Palestinians from Gaza has come to light. In this meeting, Senator Mushtaq said that doctors from Pakistan in every field of medicine are ready to come to Gaza. Mushtaq Ahmed said that the Pakistani nation will try to meet the needs of Palestinians including doctors, medicines, and food through Pakistani welfare organizations. On this occasion, Dr. Rami said that there is an urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza at this time. (Jasarat)     
  • The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested 652 suspects this year as a result of the crackdown against Hawala Hundi and illegal currency exchange. FIA Spokesman said that currency worth more than 4.9 billion rupees was recovered during the crackdown, which includes 74 lakh US dollars and other foreign currency worth more than 35 crore rupees. More than 3.62 billion Pakistani rupees were also seized. The spokesman further said that more than 28 plazas, markets and shops were also sealed during the raids. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • A sack full of old weapons has been recovered from the main hole of the telephone line in Kemari area of Karachi. According to the police, the recovered weapons include 3 SMG rifles, 12 bore repeaters and different types of bullets. The police further said that the weapon has been sent to the laboratory for forensic tests, while a case has also been registered against unknown persons in police station Docks. (Roznama Intekhab)  
  • Several Balochistan police officials have been suspended after a video of them showing sympathy to Afghan refugees living illegally in Pakistan went viral on social media. This issue has also been confirmed by caretaker Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti in which he said that the officials who were busy making Tik Tok videos have been suspended. He said that first they were suspended and then fired. Further action will also be taken against them. In the alleged video, the official criticized the government’s move to expel illegal Afghan refugees from the country and appealed to his colleagues to join him. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • Taliban authorities have complained that thousands of Afghan nationals have been forcibly sent back in ‘very bad condition’, they were beaten, and their belongings were also seized, to Afghanistan since 1st November. They negated Pakistan’s narrative that most of the people have returned voluntarily. (Jang) 


  • The prevailing conditions make for a very painful scenario. On one hand, people feel unsafe and on the other hand anti-nation forces are targeting law-enforcement officials. Such conditions harm law and order conditions a great deal. The martyrdom of these officials is a big loss to the country. In the meanwhile, a poll date has been announced and it is likely that these terror attacks are aimed at creating obstacles in the way of the above (Feb 8) polls. Hence, federal and provincial governments must see to it that the law and order and security scenario is better in the country. This calls for effective operations against anti-national terrorists to ensure better law and order conditions and thus help polls take place on time. (Ibrat Edit, Nov.5)  
  • Terrorists have stuck in the last two days at Mianwali, Dera Ismail and Gwadar. There should be no talks with terror elements and if at all talks are unavoidable, they must take place firstly on the condition that the terror elements surrender their weapons and secondly on the condition that talks will be as per laws of land. Most of all people should be taken into confidence that national interests will not be compromised under any circumstances. If we still keep adopting the policy of good and bad Taliban and take action against some and hold talks with others, then like in the past, such policies will only keep harming our interests. The lesson from history is that talking peace with anti-national and terror elements is nothing but indulging in self-deception. (Sindh Express Edit, Nov.5)
  • We call on all caretaker governments to take urgent measures for blocking entry points of militants’ into provinces and strict watch be kept so that they cannot move from one place to another be it by road or by trains. Let there be red alert across country and some such measures be taken by federal and provincial caretaker governments which help put an end to revival/return of terror wave. (Kawish Edit, Nov.5)
  • We condemn the   return of terror wave and demand a thorough investigation into all of them. We should also look into aspect if external forces are behind return of terror wave. There are several countries in the world who do not want to see Pakistan stable and progressive. These forces fear that a stable and progressive Pakistan can lead Islamic countries in times to come hence these forces want to keep us engaged with terror incidents and issues concerning financial meltdown. (Ibrat Edit)  
  • Well-known journalists of Pakistan have said that deporting illegal immigrants from the country is the legal and constitutional right of Pakistan and they condemned those people who are using this issue to settle their political score. Besides some foreign media persons, some Pakistani journalists and political circles are using this issue for propaganda against Pakistan. Even those people involved in the incidents of May 9 have joined this campaign. The President of the Peshawar club and well-known journalist Arshad Aziz Malik has said that no country in the world allows foreign citizens to enter or stay without proper documents. It is incomprehensible that why some people instead of defending their country are going against its interests. This propaganda is being used to create feelings of hostility among two brother countries. The media must act with responsibility. (Edit-Aeen Daily) 
  • Responsibility for the attack on Mianwali airbase has apparently been accepted by an unknown extremist organization. The name of this organization came to light only a few months ago and it has also claimed responsibility for various terrorist incidents. However, this new name rather shows that the old group of terrorists and extremists are working behind it, or else a completely new organization cannot easily dare to carry out such big operations. (Daily Islam Edit, Jinnah Edit)
  • The terrorist attack on the Pakistan Air Force’s training airbase in Mianwali, which was foiled by our security forces is one of the four major attacks that took place this past week. The other three attacks took place in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. These attacks indicate that terrorist elements are once again active in destabilizing Pakistan and will continue to pose serious threats to peace and security until they are routed through a major operation. We should not forget that this situation arose because of America’s so-called war against terrorism and Pakistan paid much more for this war than America and its other allies and it is not visible that this process/terrorism will stop in the foreseeable future. Tehreek Jihad Pakistan, an affiliate of the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Mianwali Airbase and it is an open secret as to who is behind the outlawed TTP and its affiliates, and which country is blessing the TTP. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), all 9 terrorists who attacked the Mianwali base were killed. The attack damaged three previously grounded aircraft and a fuel browser, but the security forces ensured the safety of the assets. On the completion of the joint clearing and combing operation, the ISPR said in its statement that no functional operational assets of the PAF were damaged in the attack. The statement added that the swift and professional conclusion of the operation is a reminder to the enemies of peace that the armed forces of Pakistan remain alert and fully capable of defending the homeland in case of any threat. A day before this attack, security forces were attacked in Dera Ismail Khan, Lakki Marwat and Gwadar. In the attack in DI Khan, a police convoy was targeted, as a result of which 5 passers-by were killed and 24 injured. Similarly, an officer was martyred in an attack on a convoy of security forces in the border area between Tank and Dera Ismail Khan. Two officers were martyred in the military operation in Lakki Marwat. Later, terrorists ambushed and fired at two vehicles of security forces going from Pasni area of Gwadar to Ormara, killing 14 soldiers. According to ISPR, the operation against the terrorists in the area is going on and the perpetrators of this heinous act will be caught and brought to justice. After the withdrawal of the United States and its allies from Afghanistan in 2021, the affairs of Afghanistan have come into the hands of the interim government of the Afghan Taliban. Since then, all the neighboring countries of Afghanistan in general, and Pakistan in particular, have been suffering from problems regarding law and order. As far as the statements of the Taliban interim government are concerned, it has said many times that they will not allow Afghan soil to be used against any other country, but it is a fact that the outlawed TTP has been given an open license by the Afghan Taliban due to which the TTP and its subsidiary and supporting organizations are seen to be involved in continuous terrorist incidents in different areas of Pakistan. Apart from the attack on the security forces in Gwadar, the TTP or its affiliated organizations are responsible for all the above-mentioned incidents, while the outlawed Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) claimed responsibility for the Gwadar attack. At a time when Pakistan is evicting illegal foreigners, our security forces need to be more alert and vigilant. In this regard, there is a need to keep a close watch on the border areas adjacent to Afghanistan because the interim Afghan government is not only unhappy with the return of Afghans expelled from Pakistan, but Kabul has also expressed regular anger in this regard. The relationship between the outlawed TTP and the Afghan Taliban is not a secret matter, so it is quite possible that the terrorist activities carried out by the TTP in Pakistan in the current situation will not be fully supported by the interim government of the Afghan Taliban but it might have partial or tacit support. In order to control the increasing incidents of terrorism, the security forces have to play their role, but the political leadership also needs to be active in this regard so that topics like extremism and sabotage are discussed at the national level. By participating, the people should be convinced that the elements involved in terrorism are not in favor of peace and security in any way and the entire nation will have to be united to suppress these elements. Election activities are about to begin in the next few weeks and a series of terrorist incidents during this time can multiply the problems of the state. To control this situation, there is a need to ensure the implementation of the National Action Plan and in this regard, all the stakeholders should keep aside their differences and stand together so that the menace of terrorism can be controlled. (Edit Nawaiwaqt) #####