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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 31, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 31, 2023

NEWS: Five persons, including a policeman, were killed when unknown assailants opened fire around 4 a.m. in the Nasirabad suburb of Turbat of Balochistan. One person was injured. The victims are laborers. While the dead workers belonged to belonged to Muzaffargarh and the injured person belonged to DG Khan, the police martyr belonged to Turbat.  (Ummat)


  • Contact has been established between MQM-P and PML N.  MQM’s Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui had telephonic talks with Shahbaz on the political scenario, and elections. Sources said MQM delegation will soon call on Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. (Sindh Exp.)


  • The federal government has given go ahead for rise in gas tariff and the new rates will be effective from November 1. According to an official notification, there will be no rise for protected consumers using 25 to 90 cubic metre gas monthly and fixed charges have been raised from 10 to Rs.400 for protected consumer; for non-protected domestic consumers, gas charges have been raised by more than 172 per cent. (Awami, Oct.30)
  • The Rawalpindi High Court bench has annulled the decision to seal the Lal Haveli of former Home Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed. Justice Mirza Waqas Rauf also nullified the decision to cancel ownership registries of Lal Haveli. The High Court ordered that Lal Haveli be de-sealed immediately. The reference department chairman will conduct a fresh hearing about Lal Haveli. Speaking to the media outside the court, Shaikh Rasheed said I was with the army yesterday and I am with the army today. (Aeen Daily) 
  • The anti-terrorism court approved bail to PTI leader Kamran Bangash, and ordered his release a surety bond of Rs 2 lakh, but the police arrested him in another case. According to the police, before going out on bail, Kamran Bangash was arrested in another case and handed over to the Dera Ismail Khan police. Bangash stands accused of inciting people in DI Khan. (Aeen Daily)
  • The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mumtaz Zahra Baloch has said that the deportation of illegal foreigners will have positive effect. She said that the plan for eviction of illegally staying foreigners applies to all foreigners staying illegally in Pakistan. No particular country or nationality is being targeted. It should be noted that the spokesperson of UNHCR has expressed concern over the large-scale deportation of foreign nationals from Pakistan. UNHCR Spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said that Pakistan should suspend this project because it will affect more than one million illegal Afghan citizens   in Pakistan.   Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that this decision has been taken keeping in mind the sovereign laws of Pakistan and international norms. All registered foreigners living in Pakistan do not come under its scope. The government of Pakistan is committed to the security and protection of the victims of bad situations, and hosting millions of Afghan brothers and sisters for forty years is a living proof of this. She further said that the international community should make joint efforts to   resolve the situation of refugees on a priority basis and for a sustainable solution. Pakistan will continue to work with its international partners in this regard. The government has set October 31 as deadline for illegal foreigners to leave Pakistan. So far 92,928 Afghan refugees have returned to their homeland. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • An important meeting was held between the Punjab government and the Election Commission for the general elections in Punjab, in which it was decided that the Punjab government will follow the instructions of the Election Commission for transparent elections and provide all possible support. The meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s House under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, in which members of the four provinces of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Punjab Cabinet participated. In the meeting, the arrangements of the Election Commission and the Punjab government’s preparations for holding the general elections were reviewed in detail, a briefing was also given on the security arrangements for the general elections. The caretaker Punjab government and the Election Commission expressed their determination to ensure peaceful, free, and fair conduct of the general elections. It was decided that the caretaker Punjab government will appoint a focal person for coordination with the Election Commission. The Chief Election Commissioner said that the time for general elections is near, and everyone should work together to ensure a fair and transparent election, the general elections will be held at the appointed time, and the caretaker government will fully support the Punjab government for free and fair elections. The phase of constituencies will be completed by November 30. (Qudrat Daily)
  • The Istehkam e Pakistan Party has decided to start election campaign.  The party has already announced meetings in 9 districts of Punjab in the first phase till December 9. According to the information secretary of the party, Colonel Hashim Dogar.   IPP conventions will be held in Kamoke on November 26, Kasur on December 3, and Layyah on December 17. It is hoped that like Khanewal, there will be success in the rest of the districts. Colonel Hashim Dogar further said that people are fed up with the tried and tested political parties, and now a real change will come. The party is organizing conventions in different districts across Punjab. A big public meeting is being organized in Hafizabad on November 3. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Balochistan National Party has staged a dharna in front of Parliament House for the recovery of missing persons. BNP chief Akhtar Mengal and other leaders also participated in the dharna. Protesters protested against forced disappearances and demanded the recovery of missing persons. Akhtar Mengal said that the originally protest was planned in front of the press club, but the government did not like it and our sound system was removed. Senator of Pakistan People’s Party Raza Rabbani, said the phenomenon of missing persons is happening under a deliberate conspiracy for a long time. A committee was formed which submitted a report. I was also a member of this committee. Persons should not be made to disappear forcefully. If someone has committed a crime, such person should be hauled up in a court. It is sad to see that a person is missing for years and then his relatives find his dead body somewhere. Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of Jamaat e Islami said on this occasion that he has come to express solidarity with Akhtar Mengal on behalf of his party. He said that Jamaat e Islami is with them in peaceful constitutional and legal struggle. We raised the issue of missing persons in the Senate. Forced missing persons should be recovered. (Qudrat Daily) 
  • Former Chief Minister of Balochistan Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal, head of Balochistan National Party, has announced to end the sit-in protests by holding an all-party conference. He said that forced disappearances are going on not only in Balochistan but in the whole Pakistan and thousands of people are missing. It is the responsibility of the government to determine whether the missing person, who is a citizen of the country, is involved in any crime or not, and cases should be made against them according to law. He told the media that the task of the commission is to report, recovery is the task of the government and its institutions. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • Balochistan National Party (BNP) Monday announced an all-party conference to recover missing persons and end the death squads. While briefing the press at the protest camp in front of the Parliament House, Akhtar Mengal said we will not give up our struggle. Missing persons is not only a problem of Balochistan but it has become a problem of the whole country. (Jang)   
  • Caretaker Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti has said that banned terrorist organizations like BLA, BLF, UBA, BRA, and Lashkar Balochistan are running death squads in Balochistan. Speaking in the Senate, he said that terrorist organizations have killed more than 5 thousand civilians. In response to a question asked by Senator Raza Rabbani, he said that everyone knows who is sponsoring these organizations; the banned terrorist organizations have killed teachers, doctors, ordinary citizens, and barbers, besides security forces. People who were settled there for centuries were forced to migrate. The caretaker Home Minister said that the security forces continue to operate against the death squads. Our constitution is very clear that no one can have a private army.  (Dawn Daily) 
  • Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar has said that it is the duty of the Election Commission, not of the Caretaker Government, to set the date of elections. Referring to Article 254 of the Constitution, he said that when an act or work is required to be done within a certain period by the Constitution and it is not done within that period, the act or work will not become invalid or unconstitutional. He said that the caretaker government was established through the constitutional process. The leader of the House and the leader of the Opposition in the former National Assembly nominated him as the Caretaker Prime Minister by adopting the constitutional procedure. He said that the Parliament passed a law under which the Election Commission of Pakistan was given the mandate to announce the date of the elections. Announcing the date of elections is not the mandate of the caretaker government or the Prime Minister but of the Election Commission. If I had been given this mandate constitutionally, I would have announced the date of the elections. Anwar ul Haq Kakar said that the caretaker government will provide financial and security support to the Election Commission for the peaceful conduct of elections. (Dunya Daily) 
  • In Sukkur, the third largest city of Sindh, due to the inattention of the Administration and the Public Health Department and the elected public representatives, roads are being dug up and the debris is being dumped on the road-side, due to which the residents of the area and the vehicles are facing severe difficulties. Civic and social circles urged Sukkur Administration including the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Sindh, Provincial Minister of Local Government, Secretary, Local Government and other higher officials to offer a new deal to the people. (Urdu Point)
  • The killers of journalist Jan Muhammad Meher are still at large despite the passage of 78 days. Journalists of Sukkur continued their hunger strike on behalf of Sukkur Union of Journalists outside the Sukkur Press Club. They stated that until the murderers named in the FIR are arrested and brought to justice, the journalist community will not remain silent and the protest will continue. (Urdu Point)
  • The business community came out on the streets against the new conditions of passports for traveling on foot from Bab-e-Dosti on the Chaman border. According to reports, political parties and trade unions also participated in the protest on the Pak-Afghan highway. Due to the sit-in, traffic was affected on Pak-Afghan highway up to Bab Dosti. (Urdu Point)
  • Relatives and tribal elders blocked the RCD national highway in protest against the killing of two persons including a woman and injuring the elderly head of the house by armed men who entered their house in Mihandar Vadh on Sunday night. The protestors stated that   armed men entered Nurullah Lahri’s house and opened fire, killing his wife and son, while seriously injuring Nurullah and escaping easily. Now the facilitators of the accused have been arrested by Khuzdar Levies and held at Baghbana Levies police station, with the help of which the real accused can be arrested easily. (Urdu Point)
  • The Provincial Task Force of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to establish an elite force in the former tribal districts and merge the levies and police in Malakand division. (Urdu Point)
  • According to ISPR, the security forces have effectively targeted the hideout of terrorists in Khoro area of Awaran district of Balochistan, during which two terrorists were killed and two terrorists were injured in the exchange of fire. Two security personnel were martyred during the exchange of fire. The ISPR said that a clearance operation is underway to eliminate the terrorists found in the area and the security forces are determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism. (Daily Khabrain)
  • In the exchange of fire between the security forces and the terrorists in Awaran, 2 officials, including the deputy governor, were killed, while 2 terrorists were killed and 2 were injured. (Urdu Point)


  • The opening ceremony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s Pakistan RMB Clearing Bank was held at Jinnah Convention Center. Federal Finance Minister Shamshad Akhtar while addressing the ceremony said that China has been Pakistan’s biggest trade partner and source of investment. She said that Pakistan wants to increase the use of Chinese currency RMB in trade and investment. The establishment of the RMB Clearing Bank will help in achieving this objective. Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zedong said that the establishment of the RMB Clearing Bank will promote the “Belt and Road” cooperation. (Daily Khabrain)
  • The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested the most wanted accused Adnan Chiwra in Ajmer Nagri area of Karachi. The police said that the accused was wanted in several incidents. And he used to change his appearance to avoid arrest. According to CTD Sindh, 18 cases have been registered against the arrested accused in different police stations of Karachi. The arrested accused was involved in various crimes including murder, robbery and other crimes. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • The main leader of Awami Jhalwan Panel Nadeemur Rehman Baloch has said that few nationalist elements are responsible for the destruction of Balochistan in the name of the rights of Balochistan. For four months, Holi of fire and blood was played in Wadh by the saboteurs dressed in political garb. The rejected group is exploiting the people of Balochistan to save their failed politics. Sitting outside Parliament is nothing but face saving. He further said that a few self-interested failed politicians have killed hundreds of innocent people in the name of nationalism and rights in Wadh area of Balochistan. The terrorists camp on the hill in Wadh area is still functioning today, which is being run by the BNP leader’s brother sitting outside Pakistan; it should be dismantled immediately. He said that armed groups of BNP are involved in the killing of more than 5 thousand Pakistanis. (Roznama Intekhab)
  • Zamindar Action Committee has called for a wheel jam strike across Balochistan on 2nd November. Chairman Malik Naseer Shahwani said that landowners are the backbone of the province but unfortunately the same is being called with bad names. He added that the federal and Balochistan province is in debt of subsidy but we are being tortured by cutting electricity. It was said that in spite of putting forth an 8-point demand to QESCO no action has been taken so far and electricity has not been restored due to which landowners are suffering huge financial losses. If nothing is moved after 2nd November there would be a long march to Islamabad. (Express Daily) 
  • Balochistan Goods Truck Owners Association has also extended its support to the Zamindar Action Committee wheel-jam strike on 2nd November, and has appealed to all the transporters to not ply their vehicles on roads to make the strike successful. (Express Daily)  
  • Amir of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Nazaryati, Balochistan Maulana Abdul Qadir Loni, Mufti Shafiuddin and others have appealed to the federal government to reconsider the decision to evict Afghan refugees in a hurry. The caretaker prime minister, interior minister and other authorized institutions should review the decision in view of the appeals of international organizations and the human perspective of migration and lack of resources in the winter season. All the tribes and people of Chaman are protesting to keep the Afghan border open on the old system of both countries and not to turn the gate of friendship into a gate of enmity, and the old system of identification card and Afghan identity card, which has been running this system for almost a century, should continue. And the peace and security of both countries are subject to cooperation and better relations with each other. Afghanistan and Pakistan are indispensable for each other. To restore peace and security and restore the economy, the passport system at the border should be abolished to save the people, traders and travelers from difficulties. (Express Daily) 
  • The Sindh High Court has ordered to speed up efforts to recover missing persons of Karachi. A hearing was held in the Sindh High Court on the petitions related to the recovery of missing persons from different areas of Karachi. Expressing dissatisfaction over the reports of the Joint Interrogation Team (JIT), PTF and police, the court said that all possible efforts should be made to recover the missing persons. It ordered the DIG Investigation to look into the matter personally. During the hearing, the police told the court that the search for all the missing persons is going on. The Federal Interior Secretary said in his report that the said citizen is not imprisoned in any detention center. According to the petition filed in the Sindh High Court, Karachi citizens Furqan Khan, Imran, Abid Ali and others have gone missing. (Jang) 
  • Afghan Children schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been closed. With the eviction of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan reaching its peak, the Pakistani schools established for their children have been closed since Monday. As the eviction deadline approaches, many families have gone into hiding. (Jang) 


  • Al-Aqsa Storm has raised a storm in the entire Muslim world, but it has also raised a storm in the Western world. Israel had no idea that there would be such fierce resistance against it. On the one hand, its position in the world has deteriorated, and on the other hand, the Al-Aqsa storm has also exposed the Muslim rulers. The Jamaat-e-Chief had rightly questioned whom the government of Pakistan wanted to please by torturing the organizers of the Gaza March in Islamabad in front of the US embassy. Now the rulers have to decide if they are with America and Israel or Palestine. (Edit Jasarat)
  • The way caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi is carrying out his duties is praiseworthy. After the reduction in petrol prices in the past few days, the Chief Minister went to the lorry stands, and bus and wagon stands, reviewed the transport fares, and listened to the passengers. Yesterday, he visited various hospitals in Lahore, including the Mayo Hospital, listened to the complaints of the patients, and resolved them. It is a fact that at present there is no satisfactory state of government hospitals.  Neither medicines are available nor facilities for various tests. Patients have to buy medicines from the market and they have to pay huge amounts for tests in private laboratories. During Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s reign as chief minister, best facilities were available in the government hospitals.  The deteriorating condition of government hospitals has been in need of attention for a long time. It is a good that caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi has undertaken to give a better deal to hospitals (Edit Nawaiwaqt)


  • Action needs to be taken against land grabbers who have brazenly encroachments public and private lands in different parts of Sindh. Action should also be taken against officials in irrigation and other such departments who play facilitators’ role in encroachment and land grabbing. Sindh government and its anti-encroachment department should pay attention to the issue so that natural outlets are not blocked as it has happened at Dakhan. This drive is essential to keep in check flood-related havoc. Efforts should be made to save Dakhan from land grabbers. (Sindh Exp, Edit)


  • There are also whispers from far and wide that PML -N will contest polls alone and if elected, it will form a government too without any other party’s support. The way ML (N) shows much confidence in winning the next polls, social and political experts say that ML (N) cannot win without the establishment’s support. PPP has gone to the extent of saying the way ML (N) and Nawaz Sharif are being given protocol, there should be no need of any elections and mere announcement should be enough and Nawaz Sharif be made PM. Such sarcastic statements from PPP clearly convey its heart-burn. Some political observers are of the view that not only PTI, but even PPP is not getting equal treatment to contest polls. Sadly, the establishment’s interference has gone to such an extent that almost every party has started feeling that winning elections or forming government is not possible without saying yes to the establishment’s every right or wrong decision. Pakistan Istehkam Party’s crowded public meetings in South Punjab are being seen by observers as a message to all parties including ML (N) that no constituency will be left un-opposed.  On the one hand ML (N) did not show any interest in JUI and on the other hand meeting between JUI and a section of PTI leaders has kicked off debates about the likelihood of one new alliance coming up in the country. Political scenario is very fluid as of now. Any party or any leader can turn tables at any time. But, keeping in mind crisis after crisis cropping up in the country, parties should sit together to take the country towards stronger democracy. If it does not happen and if ML (N) goes ahead to form government on its own after getting majority in polls, in that case ML (N) government too will have to face Opposition’s wrath, and once again ML (N) will have to look to establishment for help or else face collapse. (Awami, Edit, Oct.30)


  • On the one hand inflation keeps rising and on the other hand maladministration comes handy for the business community to exploit it for raising prices which is resulting in basic day to day essentials increasingly becoming unaffordable for the common man. The ugly side effects of such a state of affairs is that people are taking to suicides. People should benefit from the decline in dollar value and petrol prices. The authorities should also see to it that people get essentials at reduced rates. The raids   on shops and markets are no way out. They bring temporary relief to people, no long-lasting solution. (Pahenji, Edit, Oct.30)
  • People have suffered under every government, from PTI to PDM and now under caretaker government. People have shown patience thus far. But, if authorities continue denying them any relief, and if people react, blame for it will fall on authorities and not on people. People have been quietly tolerating steep inflation and heavy taxes. But, now their patience is on the way-out. It is time authorities started realizing peoples’ plight, and make serious efforts to get them relief. (Kawish, Edit, Oct.30)
  • The caretaker federal cabinet has blocked the decision to increase gas prices for now. Last week, the economic coordination committee of the federal cabinet approved the increase in gas prices up to 194%, which was to be implemented from November 1. The decision to maintain status quo on gas price front is welcome. Well, the Ministry of Energy had justified its advocacy of gas tariff revision on the ground that the hike would help to control the revolving gas debts, which have reached 2.1 trillion rupees. This is not the only solution to the problem. Gas theft and a five to seven percent decline in local gas reserves on an annual basis are the main culprits affecting the gas sector. In order to provide cheap gas to consumers, the government should ensure the increase in domestic production, and for this, it is necessary to continue to discover new gas reserves in the country. For a lasting solution to energy problems, however, a sustainable energy policy is essential. (Edit-Dunya Daily) 
  • Two terrorists were injured and two terrorists were killed in the firing between security forces and terrorists in Khoro area of Awaran district of Balochistan. Two security personals were martyred in the intense exchange. Successive acts of terrorism in the motherland indicate that the anti-national elements are still waiting so that they somehow get an opportunity to disturb peace, and law and order. Because of the bravery and courage of our security forces, terrorists are not getting an opportunity to fulfill their nefarious ambitions openly. It is the duty of all of us to cleanse the dear country from terrorism. Therefore, as Pakistanis, we all should fulfill our responsibilities. We should not let the endless sacrifices of our security agencies go in vain and we must support our security agencies and administration in establishing lasting and sustainable peace. Only then can our beloved country be freed from terrorism. (Edit, Daily Khabrain) ###