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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Sept 12, 2022

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Sept 12, 2022


  1. To safeguard the country from natural and environmental disasters, we need to form comprehensive water plans. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has emphasized the need for constructing dams and a better system for water drainage. For the last 70 years, we are depending only on two big dams. Our governments never seriously considered the construction of dams. Sindh River is the biggest river in our system and we have only nine barrages and dams on it    If we have a large number of dams then we can store the rainwater and avoid floods and droughts. Statements about the need for dams are not going to help us. The government has to take positive steps to construct dams at the earliest. (Edits – Dunya, Daily K2)
  2. Inflation is spiraling due to floods. This made prices of bread also go up. An effective campaign should be conducted against hoarders. Essential items should be supplied at reasonable prices.  (Edits – Daily Pakistan, Qudrat)
  3. In the flood ravaged Sindh many people are living in tents. The main task before the authorities is as to how to send these people back to their homes and rehabilitate them. Financial aid to them has to come from the government because people have lost all that they had   even their cattle and crops. (Ibrat Edit)
  4. On the one hand, we have Juhi people who have set an example by saving their city, and on the other hand, there are some mischievous elements who are out to drown Daddu city. The administration has to rush help to people here as areas around Manshar Lake still have 10-15 feet high waters. Cracks in Indus Link Canal near village Gulsher are posing threats to Ring embankment at Syedabad city. Need of the hour is strong action against mischievous elements who are out to drown cities by diverting waters).  (Sindh Express Edit)
  5. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visited flood-affected areas in Pakistan. And appealed to the international community to help Pakistan. Guterres said that the industrial development of the G20 countries had a negative impact on the environment, which must be addressed. (Edit Jasarat)
  6. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan needs the help of the international community to deal with the its challenges. In a tweet, he thanked the UN Secretary General for his visit and offer of help.  We cannot deny the fact that these rains and floods have created a huge human tragedy and now the rehabilitation of these victims will also be a huge economic challenge for Pakistan. The country, which is already suffering from economic difficulties, has suffered a financial loss of more than 10 billion dollars. UNICEF fears that more than 3 million children are at risk of water-borne diseases and malnutrition. The floods have damaged or completely destroyed at least 18,000 schools. According to WHO estimates, about 900 health facilities were damaged, of which 180 were completely destroyed. The intensity of the current flood is more than the mega flood of 2010. At present the situation has turned into a terrible tragedy, it seems that the delay in timely action has a major role to play in it. However, in such situations, it is not enough to put the responsibility only on the governments. It requires national unity; we must work with the spirit of compassion. All religious and political parties should take full part in relief activities. (Edit, Daily Express)
  7. Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Pakistan will have to build big dams. The world will help Pakistan to some extent. We should not depend on international community. He further said that we will have to build dams and drain systems to deal with the western part of the Indus River. It is natural for every Pakistani to agree with the views expressed by the Army Chief in the context of flood. Construction of dams was our most important national need but this most important need was neglected. Unfortunately, dealing with growing water problems was not, and is not, a priority of any government. Dealing with the challenges we face today as a result of floods requires comprehensive planning. All national institutions, leaders of political parties and experts should come together to devise a strategy for the future. A comprehensive plan is needed to overcome the challenges we face today as a result of floods. All national institutions, leaders of political parties and experts should come together to devise a strategy for the future and the government should start implementing it as its first priority. This is the most important need of the hour in which there is no room for delay. (Edit, Nawai Waqt)


  1. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan said that the government is exploring new tourist places and their development. He added that games and tourism will not only promote healthy activities but also will improve the economy. The CM also said that projects worth more than Rs.2.5bn will also be completed in merged districts of FATA. (Aeen)
  2. Donkey hides are being smuggled to Hong Kong on a large scale from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the number of Donkeys is fast reducing in the area. Donkey hides are used to make costly cosmetics. (Aeen)
  3. Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) has demanded that Ali Wazir, Member of National Assembly from North Waziristan should be immediately released. Ali Wazir’s detention for a long time is a question mark on the supreme court of Pakistan because his detention is illegal and unlawful. (Qudrat)
  4. The Sindh chief minister said 1.25 crore people are facing hardships on multiple fronts these days. We still have not been able to provide tents to more than 2 lakh people. Speaking to media in Karachi, he said “we have told UN secretary general that we do not need any monetary aid, but we need more tents, more food stuff and also mosquito nets”. (Ibrat)
  5. Taking a dig at Imran Khan, federal minister for information, Mariam Aurangzeb, said: “Khan Saheb, people are already on roads because of floods. You have turned blind and deaf. Elections cannot be forced (on nation), nor elections can be held only because of your wanting it. Polls would be held only next year, that is, in 2023”. (Ibrat)
  6. Defense minister, Khwaja Asif said elections will be held not on Imran Khan’s demand but only in 2023. Speaking to media, he went on to say “Imran’s repeated attacks on establishment are part of his strategy.” He went on to say that Imran’s arrest is a legal process. After his defeat in the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan wants the establishment to support him again. He also said if establishment is neutral today, all that is because of supremacy of constitution and rule of law in country today. (Sindh Express)
  7. Federal agencies along with Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) have arrested one banned TTP activist during a raid in Karachi. He is identified as Mohamad Shah alias Dung Arif Taleh. The arrested TTP militant was trying to set up his network in Karachi. Police have recovered one pistol and a magazine too. He was also wanted by CTD, Peshawar. The arrested militant is from Tariq Gaddar faction in TTP. Along with other accomplices, this militant had attacked FC Camp at Azakhel and also killed two policemen at Matni area in Peshawar. The arrested militant was involved in extortion activities. (Sindh Express)
  8. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has investigated Defense Analyst Lt Gen Retd Amjad Shoaib over his Vlog. According to media reports, Gen Amjad Shoaib was called to the FIA office and questioned by a 5-member team headed by Deputy Director Ayaz Khan. The FIA also obtained data from his mobile.  Amjad Shoaib told a private TV that FIA had sent him summons for September 14, but he voluntarily went to the FIA office on September 9. It should be noted that Amjad Shoaib had reported about the alleged meeting of the Prime Minister with the Israeli delegation during his visit to a Gulf country. (Jasarat, Jang)
  9. Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Bizenjo has directed measures on war footing to control epidemics in flood-affected areas. He asked the Health Secretary to immediately start a special vaccination campaign in the affected areas. In addition to flood damage, protection of women and children’s health are a major challenge. (Jasarat)
  10. Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, Syed Muhammad Ali Hussaini, has said that there is a strong possibility that Pakistan- Iran trade will reach 5 billion dollars. He added that two new crossing points have been opened to promote bilateral trade. (Jang)
  11. Federal Home Minister Rana Sana Ullah has said that Imran Khan is under the wrong impression that he cannot escape from the grip of law. ‘Just wait, the political scenario is going to change’. He said that if anyone goes against Imran Khan, he threatens him. Imran Khan has broken so many rules and done so many irregularities that he is bound to go to jail. Before criticizing the present government, the Imran Khan gang should apologize for what they had done during the last three and a half years. Who has created inflation? Who went to IMF begging? Telling lies and misleading the youth are the only work of Imran Khan. He will be politically wiped out before the next general elections. (Intekhab Daily)
  12. Pharmaceutical companies have increased the prices of their products by 40 percent. Most of the medicines for fever, cold, stomach pain, cough and fits are nearly scarce. And if they are available in any store, they are charged exorbitantly. Medicines for heart attack, lung infection, joint pain, asthma, diabetes and blood pressure are not available. About 40 important medicines are not available in the market. (Intekhab Daily)
  13. Jamaat e Islami chief Siraj Ul Haq has said that inflation is the agenda of the IMF and the government is propagating it. The policy of taking more loans to pay the previous loans has failed. Those are the national criminals who have put the next generations in debt. The government is not providing electricity to people but electrocuting them with high electricity bills. Social inequality has increased inflation, poverty and suicides. He said that the incompetency of the government has increased the problems of flood-affected people. He said that Jamaat e Islami wants to establish a system where politics will be a service, not a business. (Dunya Daily)
  14. Malik Abdullah Jan Sargarh with his family and hundreds of colleagues has announced of Joining Awami National Party. (Urdu Point)
  15. In Khyber Medical College, students protested in favor of their demands. The protestors demanded the withdrawal of the decision to increase the fees. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan)


  1. Imran Khan is unsuccessfully trying to send out a message that there can be tough times for the country in case he is disqualified. He tried to send out a message that conditions will be out of control of all stakeholders in case he is thrown out of politics or disqualified. He has shown a video in one of his meetings wherein several sympathizers come out on roads on mere rumors of his disqualification. If Imran Khan is indeed disqualified, only establishment and Mr. X and Y would be responsible for it and people coming out on roads. But he perhaps hopes that he might get some safe passage in contempt of court matter. According to political observers , Imran Khan wants to leave the political arena on technical grounds. That is the reason, he at times takes on courts, at times speaks against the election commission and also openly challenges “powerful forces” (establishment). All this means he is trying to invite trouble for himself. If he continues with such a behavior, it will be an easy job for the establishment to “attack” him or take some action against him. In case, Islamabad High Court or election commission take any action against him it will be because of his provoking them to act against him. Some observers are of the view that several agencies in power corridors are active these days to defuse this power-hungry man called Imran Khan. In the current situation, even if Imran Khan tenders unconditional apology in Islamabad High Court in the contempt of court issue, there are 50:50 chances of his disqualification. No one has got acquittal in such cases. There are very dim chances for his acquittal. Those who say the judiciary has a soft corner for Imran Khan, may not be right. Imran Khan might be trying to put pressure on the establishment through his public meetings, but the establishment cannot be so weak before him. One thing is certain that whosoever is made new army chief, Imran Khan will be in no position to influence appointment of new army chief in any way. Imran Khan is on several fault lines and he can be disqualified not just in one case but in several cases. Nowadays, rumors say interviews for caretaker set-up are completed by establishment and it is likely that polls might be held during first three months of 2023 depending however on Imran Khan’s behavior. (Sindh Express, Allah Bux Rathod)
  2. The use of religion in the politics of Pakistan is old history but the way Imran Khan has used it has no precedent. His slogan for the state of Medina is well known. But did he work for it? He led a luxurious life during his tenure as Prime Minister. He never used a car for commuting between home and the office. He travelled by helicopter only. He was cut off from the earth. After losing the government when he went to Sialkot to address a rally, he used a chartered plane. If he had gone by car, he would have seen the condition of the road from Islamabad to Sialkot. It is no longer a road but a chain of water-filled pits and craters. At least he can repair the road now since his party is ruling Punjab. He always talks about the corruption of the Sharif and Zardari families but fails to mention what he had done for his state of Medina. During his government of three and a half years, he had shown that he is not different from the past rulers. (Mohammed Izhar Ul Haq-Dunya Daily)
  3. Though Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and KP are reeling under rain disaster, all the attention of Imran Khan and PTI is focused on Shahbaz Gul, and to please Imran Khan, the country’s media preferred to focus on the alleged violence on Shahbaz Gul. Former President Asif Zardari’s health did not allow him to visit the victims. Maulana Fazlur Rahman stranded in his native area, and appealed for help to the flood victims. The Chief Minister of Sindh appeared to be more diligent than other Chief Ministers in his flood visits. Chief Minister Punjab visited DG Khan only once. Chief Minister KP showed the most negligence. The Chief Ministers of GB and Balochistan were not knowing where they were busy. Only Jamaat-e-Islami Chairman Sirajul-Haq was seen moving among the victims. After many days, Maryam Nawaz also thought about DG Khan’s affected visits, and took some relief materials along with her.   General Bajwa reached all the affected areas in the four provinces where the Prime Minister or any Chief Minister could not go. (Mohammed Saeed Arain, Daily Express) ###