Parade Marks 64th anniversary of Tibet’s Anti-Uprising Day   

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Parade Marks 64th anniversary of Tibet’s Anti-Uprising Day   

The “310 Tibetan Uprising Day 64th Anniversary” parade was held in the East District of Taipei on March 5 afternoon.  Singing Tibetan songs as also the Tibetan national anthem, Tibetans walked from Zhongxiao Fuxing SOGO to Xinyi District along Zhongxiao East Road to protest the CCP regime’s persecution of Tibetans, and Uighurs. Also, against China’s threats to intimidate Taiwan. 

“Tibet wants freedom”, Tashi Ciren, president of the Tibetan Welfare Association in Taiwan, said. “The Dalai Lama led Tibetans into exile overseas. Many of the first generation of Tibetans have passed away. Overseas Tibetans really want to Back in Tibet, but I also know that facing the CCP is not that simple”, he added.

Gesang Gyalcan, chairman of the Dalai Lama Tibet Religious Foundation, emphasized that Tibet signed a peace agreement with China in 1951, and within eight years the CCP tore up the content of the agreement and reformed Tibet’s political and economic systems. “It has been 64 years since Lhasa protested against the cruel and tyrannical Communist rule. The CCP suppressed Tibet by force. The day when the legal government of Tibet went into exile in India was also a national humiliation day for Tibetans losing their freedom”.

Kelsang Gyalcan criticized that the CCP has ruled Tibet for 70 years, and has killed more than 1.2 million Tibetans, destroyed more than a thousand monasteries and schools, and Tibetan elites were either killed or exiled overseas. In recent years, 159 Tibetans have self-immolated to express Tibet If you want freedom, you just hope that the Dalai Lama can return to Tibet, but you will be persecuted. There are still many Tibetans imprisoned. China’s persecution of Tibetans, Uighurs, and southern Mongolia continues to this day.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Hong Shenhan criticized that the human rights situation in Tibet is getting worse and worse. The CCP implements various assimilation policies against Tibetans, and even outrageously collects the DNA of Tibetans on a large scale. International research reports reveal that up to 1.2 million people have been collected. One of the Tibetans has been collected, which means that the CCP has regarded all Tibetans in China as potential criminal suspects, and has also carried out comprehensive monitoring of Tibetans.

Hong Shenhan pointed out that the CCP does not allow Tibetan children to receive Tibetan language education, and forces Tibetan children to only speak Chinese and celebrate Han people’s anniversaries. They cannot accept the baptism of Tibetan culture. It is now facing a very urgent situation. Taiwan is one of the few places in the Chinese-speaking world that enjoys freedom of speech, and it is our responsibility to speak out.

Li Mingzhe, a Taiwanese NGO worker who participated in the parade, said in an interview that in the past few years since the accident, many Tibetan groups in Taiwan have also included him as one of the objects of solidarity in their international protests against China and the release of Tibetan political prisoners. These Tibetans have suffered a lot, but they never forget to show solidarity to others. This is a very noble sentiment.

Li Mingzhe said that after returning to Taiwan, “of course he will come” to the annual Tibetan freedom event. Taiwan’s freedom and democracy used to be helped by many foreigners. Now we should also help people from other countries and let them go home. The road to life is no longer so lonely, this is what should be done.  (Courtesy: Liberty Times Net)