The Healing hours: by Surendra Bhatnagar

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The Healing hours: by Surendra Bhatnagar

Equality sounds good. Humanity aspires for equality, but at the same time has created social classification based on division of labour. The nature loved growth, structural differentiation and class divisions. How can this lofty ideal of equality be realized?

Ego is the center of conflict. Ego creates divisions and separation – Meher Baba (Discourses1967)

The history of mankind is replete with examples of ideals petrified into rigid edicts and fallen images. The greatest damage, the man committed to his own living ethics was when he translated ideas into idols and worshipped without giving them space in his life. Man was cast by God, in his own image. He came himself, else He also sent his messengers, gave the scriptures and the right guidance. He perfected his creation after creating man, He asked the angels to bow to him. Yet, Man failed and proved himself to be a species of fallen faith and broken trust.

O ye who believe. The law of equality is prescribed for you. Then, grant any reasonable demand and compensate him with handsome gratitude:Holy Qur-an S2.178.

The structural equality was impossible in nature due to varied interests and achievements, everywhere. The available alternative was cultural and the basis was Soul. The soul is the rock bottom of our existence. It craves for peace and love. The man makes wars, but gives blood to any one whom he feels his own. Hindus pray for peace in the three worlds, and for the Muslims the very word Islam is peace. But these words remain hollow, they do not give any respite and the violence still persists. Nations spend more money on wares of war than on education. Meherbaba says that love is the reflection of God’s unity in the world of duality. So the real prayer is, loving his creation in His oneness.

September 1st, 2010 was the day, angels joined to give man one more chance to prove his worthiness. The hour of man – a heaven-sent opportunity, to forget the bitterness of past and burry the improprieties and infirmities of history, once for all. The Ayodhya judgment was what India could do best for, in the interest of India. Those who still wish to fight are missing the opportunity and the wish of God. The judgment transcended dialectics of legal luminaries.

The court conciliated and gave opportunity to believers, to go back to the basic books of human conduct, bend where it is necessary and mend where the mistakes of history need correction. It opened the doors of dialogue between the two communities fighting for a piece of land for long. To remove the past misgivings and come to fore, to write a common peaceful future of the land, which belong to both. It was the judgment taken in the spirit of judgment, and not in the interest of miscast and misconceived legal polemics and one-upmanship.

Kind words and the covering of faults are better than charity followed by injury. God is free of all wants, and He is most forbearing: Holy Qur-an S2-263

Sense is the minimum requirement of a sensible society. God gave man five senses, but the highest sense is average intelligence – the commonsense; a common intelligence based on common interests. While senses give one the power to see and feel, the intelligence gives the power to judge and act not alone by the letters of the law-books but by the sense of sensitivity. What we dire require in India today, is not more, not less, just common sense.

In the dispute of temple and mosque in the Ayodhya, the secular India is not sentimentally hurt. So it is no side. Those hurt and hit should sit and talk. Secularism is suspicious element in the eyes of an average Indian. For it is being used only as a vote catching device ever since independence. Let the truly religious and honest people of both sides, come on the table and talk in the spirit of sayings of their own religions. At a crucial period of India’s history the people rejected Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Azad, the two truly religious men. The result was the partition of India that really solved no problem and the wounds still bleed.

Islam means peace. It stands for peace. History of Islam is replete with examples where the Prophet had gone the extra mile to put in place rapprochement. Let us not make as the Holy Qur’an says ‘…make not God (’s name) an excuse in your oaths against doing good, or acting rightly. Or making peace between persons; for God is one who knoweth and heareth all things (Holy Qur’an S2 224).

For the religious, it is an hour of prayer, and for those serious about the future of there children, it is an hour of healing the old wounds.

To Hindus and Muslims, to both, I say,
‘O, children of God, betray not the trust, the God reposed in you. For the truth will prevail and you will be put to judgment in the eyes of history.

To Hindus I say, let India unite for a Mahan Bharata and there be no more Mahabharat now.

To Muslim leadership I say, play not with sentiments of innocent souls. If going to court is so much necessary, then court love and give to your Hindu brethren the real feast of Islam rather than a summon of court.

O, God, let the names of Islam and Ayodhya be truly fulfilled. Responsibility rests with Hindus too to show their sincerity and they have to show it.

Let love triumph, Let the peace prevail In the land of Ram.
Let the victory be to Bharata.
Let the Shiva’s bull come out.
Cross the limits of the temple,
To feel the warmth of open air.

Let Shiva this time not move,
On the green hills and valleys of Himalayas.
But move in the dark streets of old cities
Where light never reached
And more souls suffer there,
Than those who go in the temples and mosques for the prayer.
Let the serenity of the face of Buddha flow,
All over the land of Bharatas.

I Pray, O’ Lord let this little wish be fulfilled.