Turn to tested development partners, Kabul told

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Turn to tested development partners, Kabul told

Kabul must turn to tested development partners rather than Pakistan and China in its bid to rebuild the war-ravaged country, says a report in Beijing News Net, quoting foreign policy analysts.

Pakistan, mired in deep economic crisis offers no more than a token gesture while China’s debt diplomacy has left behind a trail of havoc in countries like Sri Lanka, the report points out, and says that the Taliban must negotiate financial assistance from its tested development partners.

Beijing has lately announced an aid package and promised to standby Afghanistan but the report chips in a note of caution saying China is a bad choice because of its history of debt-diplomacy.

“Neighbour China does not have a record so far to salvage any country from crisis including Pakistan. And China most recently has left Sri Lanka sinking amid an economic crisis”, the report observes and remarks that Beijing is mainly driven by “its own strategic interests”.

So, the sole option which the Taliban is left with is to turn toward its time-tested partners, the Beijing News Net report opines.