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Yet another senior Chinese official faces graft charges

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Yet another senior Chinese official faces graft charges

In the continuing graft saga that has seen the exit of several Communist functioneries across China, Li Wenxi, a top official of the Liaoning province has been hauled up on the charge of accepting bribews.

The official’s name is given as Li Wenxi. He was until recently a vice chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

On Thursday, he appered before the Intermediate People’s Court in the city of Tai’an (Shandong Province) to face trial. He pleaded guilty, a Chinese media report said.

According to the prosecution, Li had taken advantage of his official position between 2004 and 2021 and took bribes as return gift for the favours he had shown.

Li had held several key posts in Liaooning province. He was the Police Chief and also a senior political advisor. He accepted money and gifts worth about US Dollars 81.41 million as his cut for faciitating mining approvals, and business operations besides helping the chosen few to evade criminal charges, accordingto the evidence presented by the prosecutors.
Li and his defense counsel cross-examined the evidence. And in his final statement, ‘Li pleaded guilty and expressed remorse’,the report said.

The quantum of punishment will be announced later, the report added..