Hindus in Quetta seek protection

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Hindus in Quetta seek protection

The Hindu  community in Quetta, Pakistan,  is worried over increasing cases of kidnappings  for ransom and robbery.It asked the provincial government of Pakistan to take steps to curb these incidents and ensure a sense of security.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday with Minorities Minister Basant Lal Gulshan, a leader of Quetta Hindu Panchayat, Shyam Kumar, said the deteriorating law and order situation had served to heighten the vulnerability of the community.

He said the Hindus in Pakistan are a peace loving community and are as patriotic as any other community in the country.

Kumar said the community had played its due role in economic development of the country. He regretted that the Hindu community faced social and religious discrimination despite rendering numerous sacrifices for the country.

He said the shop of a Hindu trader was looted recently and last month three businessmen belonging to the community were kidnapped, according to a report in The Dawn.