By Balakrishna Meher

Meher Baba says,
“Why do you raise so much commotion?
That too for a prize or promotion!
I want you to come out of this emotion,
Be only concerned about spiritual demotion!

Remember, this is all a passing show,
For settling accounts that you owe!
It is time that you give love even to your foe,
And if required at his feet you must bow!

You have to go beyond and see all alike,
Kick your ego whenever it wants to strike!
Shout God’s name in your heart without a mike,
And seal your lips eve n if you are pierced with a spike!

Don’t forget what goes up will always comes down,
All meet the same fate whether a king a clown!
Take His name always with any noun,
And to smile more reduce that frown!

God gives ample chances for improvement,
But you lose them in pursuing worldly development!
If only you were to God’s directions implement,
He Himself would do the rest by giving His supplement!

So, cheer up and simply jump,
Gallop on the path despite any hump!
God will wash your path with His love-pump,
So, laugh and do not let your throat to have an emotional lump!

Therefore, My Dear understand that,
Real promotion is to go beyond yours and mine,
Then you will find everything is divine!
Real Prize is received by paying your ego as fine,
Then, out of you Godhood will shine!
Out of you Godhood will shine!


Meher Baba says,
“Do not try to solve this karmic jumble,
More often than not, you will tumble!
Better it is to mumble,
Than always grumble!
In My love, be confident and do not fumble,
Be firm while walking My Path and do not stumble!
If you truly love Me, then be humble,
Without your asking I will give you the *Symbol!
I will give you the *Symbol!!”

*Baba’s sign of Perfection!