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Pak Urdu Digest, June 22, 2022

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Pak Urdu Digest, June 22, 2022


  • Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami, (JeI), Sirajul Haq has telephoned KPK Chief Secretary and IG of Police and demanded immediate arrest of the killers of Al-Khidmat Foundation (North Waziristan) chief, Engineer Asadullah Shah and his associates. Haq made it clear to the KP government that Jamaat-e-Islami will not remain silent on the martyrdom of Asadullah Shah. (Jasarat-Jang- Dunya Daily)
  • Turkey Ambassador to Pakistan Ehsan Mustafa paid a farewell visit to Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Sirajul Haq in Islamabad. The meeting lasted for an hour. Deputy Amir of  Jamaat-e-Islami Mian Muhammad Aslam was also present.. Siraj-ul-Haq said that Pak-Turkish relations are not only between the governments but also at the grassroots level which are based on mutual love and respect. He said that Pakistan and Turkey are the two most important countries in the Islamic world. There is a need for the two countries to form a bloc and formulate an action plan to eliminate    Islamophobia and to solve the problems of the Islamic world, especially Palestine and Kashmir issues. (Jasarat)
  • Federal Minister for Energy Khurram Dastgir’s visit to Iran has resulted in an agreement on supply of 100 MW additional power to Balochistan.   Dastgir said that the project would be completed in the shortest possible time. He added that the people of Balochistan would get immediate relief. (Jasarat- Qudrat)
  •  Militants have shot dead three workers from Sindh in Oshab city of Balochistan. These workers were fired upon by four militants; they escaped after their act. (Sindh Exp.)
  • According to the Levies, unidentified gunmen on motorcycles opened fire near Kulan Syed Haider Shah Mosque in Kharan, Balochistan yesterday. They killed Levies officer Abdul Rehman and escaped.  (Jang)
  • The United Nations has imposed travel bans on Taliban leaders who deprive women of their rights in Afghanistan. The diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Taliban’s acting deputy education minister, Syed Ahmed Shahid Khel, and deputy higher education minister, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, were stopped from traveling on Monday. (Jang)
  • Rangers and police personnel will be deployed at 2,980 highly sensitive polling stations during the local body elections across Sindh including Karachi. Secretary Election Commissioner Omar Hameed Khan has said that it is the responsibility of the provincial administration to maintain law and order during polls. The Election Commission is taking action against elements sabotaging the ballot. (Jang)
  • New oil and gas reserves have been discovered in Sindh, which are expected to yield 1400 barrels of oil per day. The Oil and Gas Development Company found these reserves in Tando Allahyar district. (Khabrain)
  • The Opposition has strongly protested in the Senate against the amendments to NAB law and   said that the government has killed and buried the NAB. Inscribe on the tombstone of the NAB that ‘Nations have progressed even with corruption’. The amendments of NAB have legitimized theft and robbery. They are destroying the morals of the nation. Corrupt persons are sitting on the seats of power. The NAB amendments will end the cases against Mariam Nawaz, Saad Rafiq and leaders of PPP, the Opposition leaders alleged. (Dunay Daily)
  • Federal Home Minister Rana Sana Ullah has said that Pakistan is facing financial problems because the IMF is not willing to show any flexibility in its conditions. Although we have increased the prices of petroleum products, it still has not signed the agreement. The previous government had made the deal with the IMF which was not favourable to Pakistan. They had agreed to end all subsidies. But the financial condition of the people is so bad that we cannot do so. (Dunya Daily) 
  • Chairman, Pakistan Ulema Council and special representative of Prime Minister for Inter-religious Harmony Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi has said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia relations don’t need liaison of any third party. Saudi Arabia was always with Pakistan in hard times and we will always continue to stand like friends. Speaking at a conference of national and international media persons he said that Pak-SA relations are increasing in the trade sector. Saudi businessmen are ready to invest in Pakistan. But we have to improve the atmosphere for foreign investment. The baseless propaganda against friendly countries must be stopped.     (Dunya Daily)
  • The South Punjab Chief of Jamaat e Islami Rao Mohammed Zafar has said that his party is campaigning against inflation, interest-based economy and the slavery of IMF. The present government policies and tax regime tweaks have pushed inflation very high.  Petrol price today makes it difficult to run even a motorcycle. The high-power tariff has crushed the domestic budget of common man. He said that the reason for this back-breaking inflation is the slavery of IMF. The elites of Pakistan are enjoying every luxury while the people are deprived of even two square meals a day. (Dunya Daily)
  • The special team of anti-corruption Police has started raiding different places for the arrest of the brothers of Usman Buzdar. The difficulties of the former Chief are rapidly increasing. A case is filed against him for allegedly grabbing 900 acres of government land. (Islam Daily)
  • Balochistan Chief of Jamiat Ulema e Islam (Nazryati) Maulana Abdul Qadir Loni, Provincial General Secretary Maulana Hafiz Abdul Ahad Kubdani and other leaders said their party will take out a rally on 23rd June against inflation that will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the incompetent rulers. At present, all of our economic policies are in the hands of America. The conditions are so worst that people are forced to commit suicide and sell their children. The corrupt rulers had looted the country for the last 40 years and now again they have started to suck the blood of people. They don’t have any sympathy for the people. They just want to fill up their safes with money. (Intekhab Daily)
  • Agha Mir Jani Shah Police Peshawar arrested two drug dealers Atif, son of Saleem Raza and Shakeel, son of Waris Khan active in the city and surrounding areas. They were also involved in selling heroin in the form of tokens and supplying heroin in various commercial centres and residential areas of the city. More than two kilograms of heroin was recovered from them and a case has been registered. (Urdu Point)
  • At a high-level meeting on Federal issues of the province, chaired by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, in Peshawar, strong concern was voiced over reduction in development funds for the merged districts and withholding of funds for the health card scheme. The meeting also considered NFC award, net profit arrears of hydropower and other issues related to the Federation. Ministers Timur Saleem Jhagra, Shaukat Ali Yousafzai and others attended the meeting (Urdu Point)
  • A protest rally led by Rafiullah, President of Balochistan Community School Teachers Association, was taken out from Adalat Road in support of their demands. Addressing the protesters, Rafiullah, Zahoor Ahmad Magsi Maulvi Siddique and other teacher leaders pointed out that community school teachers have been working on contract for the last 15 years on low pay. We have been asking the government to make us permanent for long. Even the Balochistan Assembly adopted a resolution unanimously in 2019 supporting our demands. Yet, there is no change in our plight. (Urdu Point)
  • People of Tehsil Razar in Swabi district have closed Swabi Mardan Road protesting against the unavailability of advanced medical facilities in Category D Hospital. (Daily Pakistan)
  • The Contractors’ Association in Timgirah will suspend work on all development projects across the province, including new tenders, on the 1st of July. Acting Provincial President Sirajul Haq said with a 200% increase in inflation, the prices of all construction related items like cement, and sand have multiplied. Therefore it is not possible to continue work  on  old rates, The Provincial Government should immediately announce additional relief packages for contractors. (Daily Pakistan)
  • Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) Chief Mehmood Achakzai said that if someone loves the defense of Pakistan, they should defend the freedom and stability of Afghanistan. He blamed the wrong policies of the establishment for the serious economic crisis in the country. (Qudrat)
  • Pak Sarzamin Party (PSP) announced protests for the release of its workers arrested during by-polls in the NA-240 constituency. The party chief Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that they will not allow anyone to destroy peace of Karachi. By taking a legal and constitutional path, we will bring justice to martyred comrades and the people of Karachi. (Daily Express, Ummat)
  • Federal Finance Minister Muftah Ismail said that the increase in prices of petroleum products has nothing to do with the IMF. Speaking at the cabinet meeting, he said that this hike was due to the rising trend in the global market. (Daily Express, Daily Jinnah
  • Taking immediate notice of complaints voiced by PTI Deputy Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a press conference, Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja has called for a report on model code violation in Punjab. He directed the Punjab state Election Commissioner to submit the report within 24 hours. Qureshi had alleged code violation in 19 constituencies including Multan. The Poll body takes code violation seriously and stern action would be taken, the CEC said. (Daily Express, Daily Jinnah, Ummat)
  • The Balochistan government has presented a 612-billion-rupee budget for the 2022-2023 financial year.  Provincial finance minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran proposed no new taxes. (Daily Express, Daily Jinnah, Ummat, Nawaiwaqt)
  • EU monitoring mission on GSP Plus status arrives in Pakistan. The Commerce Ministry said the EU’s monitoring mission would review human rights, and consider child labor, labor rights, and other issues. Pakistan fully complied with the GSP Conventions, according to officials, who said that after the extension of GPS Plus status, Pakistan would have to implement five more conventions. (Nawaiwaqt, Ummat, Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)


  • Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had agreed to invest 20$ billion in Pakistan under the previous (Imran Khan) government on the condition that it should be kept free from political and bureaucratic interference. So much so, the Saudi government should be approached and the assurance sought should be given in this regard. . Welcome in this connection is the visit of Federal Minister for Energy Khurram Dastgir to Iran which could pave the way increased cooperation in the energy sector between the two countries. Moreover, a significant reduction in the cost of oil bill is possible if cheaper oil can be obtained from Russia. Quick action is called for on the energy front without a delay to save Pakistan’s economy. (Edit Jang)
  • At a time when country’s economy is in doldrums and people cannot afford two meals a day, if rulers and politicians’ assets keep rising, it is sure to trigger questions. That is one big reason that people are fast losing trust in today’s politics and politicians; there was a time when people used to blindly follow politicians, and when used to be matter of worship. Now politics has become big business; and those who are in this business called politics are always on profit-making side. (Pahenji, Edit, June 21)  
  • There can be several reasons for economic crisis in country. Our rulers and our bureaucrats very well know as to make best and right use of funds. They also know it very well as to what makes wasteful and un-necessary expenditure. Yet, rulers and bureaucrats not only keep making big and wasteful expenditure, but such expenditure also keeps rising! All this is happening when common man can ill-afford meals for himself and for the family.  Clearly, policies being pursued by rulers and bureaucrats do not reflect any concern for common man. This is deplorable. Country’s wealth is tax payers’ money and it should be spent on welfare and betterment of people. Whatever announcements are being made; they should be implemented too. (Kawish, Edit, June 21) 
  • The Shehbaz government says it might have to take tough decisions in times to come. Well, tough decisions should not be only for common men, instead they should be more for ruling sections; they too should make some sacrifices. Also, huge expenditure being made on bureaucrats should be controlled. If we want to take lessons for future based on today’s testing times, it will not only help us tide over current crisis phase, but also help our country to get counted amongst the civilized societies. Current difficult times are not a result of failures of current government but we all need to gear up to face challenges ahead. (Ibrat, Edit) 
  • Yesterday Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that harsh decisions can be taken to improve the economy of the country. So far, the steps he has taken are to increase the fuel prices and power tariff. The previous government had frozen the prices of petroleum products from March to June which had given some relief to the people. The difference between buying and selling prices of the petroleum started growing considerably due to rising prices in the international market. Consequently, prices of petroleum products were sharply increased three the improvement in the economy is not visible even after these hard decisions. Only hard decisions are not enough, they must be effective also. (Edit-Dunya Daily)
  • PTI Chairman Imran Khan has termed the enactment of NAB Amendment as a black day. He stated the dilution of the accountability law will be strongly resisted. It could have been better if he had stayed in the National Assembly and raised his voice against this legislation. Now if he wants to challenge these amendments in the court, it is his right but the President should not play the role of the Opposition because he is part of not only the Government but also Parliament. Objections may be raised to certain provisions of the NAB Amendment Bill, but to reject it outright is tantamount to a clear violation of the fundamental rights of citizens. (Daily Pakistan Edit)
  • Pakistan and Iran have agreed to enhance cooperation in the energy sector. Federal Minister for Energy Khurram Dastagir met his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Mehrabian in Tehran. Pakistan is currently suffering from a serious energy crisis. Electricity and gas resources have proved to be insufficient. Load shedding that is power cuts is taking place for the last few months. To overcome, gas crunch, we have to import gas. Gas purchase agreements with Qatar and Iran have failed to materialize. Extraordinary increases in electricity and gas have an adverse effect on commodity prices and people are forced to swallow this bitter pill. The Dastgir talks with Iran are encouraging. Electricity or gas must be purchased at discounted rates from anywhere. In the past, the nation suffered from unwarranted delays in purchasing cheap electricity and gas. Now is the time for us to take the energy talks with Iran further and at the same time tap alternative energy sources in the country so that the people can breathe a sigh of relief. (Edit, Nawaiwaqt)


  • In the present age, the miscreants who have committed blasphemy have thought that this Ummah has become weak as a result of constant oppression, but the proud Muslims reacted strongly, resulting in a never-ending cycle of persecution and martyrdom. They must fulfill their responsibility as a nation and individual to protect the honor of Prophethood. At the governmental level, it is necessary to come up with a permanent strategy and guidelines for the solution of this problem. In the name of freedom of expression, no one is allowed to hurt the spirit of faith and insult the honor of holy religious figures. The only solution to this problem is to teach a lesson to the blasphemers. (Masood Mehboob Kha, Jasarat)
  • Few days before Benazir’s birthday anniversary, Sindh’s controversial former SSP, Rao Anwar, gave one interview wherein he said PPP leadership was not serious about investigations in Benazir’s assassination. He denied any role by Musharraf in the assassination. He also said two PPP stalwarts Rehman Malik and Babbar Aiwan were not examined while Akram Mehsud was not arrested though the PPP was in power then. There are reports that Musharraf, who is in Dubai, is too unwell and wants to come to Pakistan. If Rao Anwar is giving interviews at this juncture means that somebody has brought him out for a purpose. Who are the forces who want to send people out in exile and bring them back from abroad as and when they want? In the past too, Rehman Malik kept giving interviews on (Benazir’s) anniversary days and often tried to forget the case citing one or other Scotland report. In the past, Musharraf too gave interviews saying that Zardari was the major beneficiary from Benazir’s assassination. Whatever Musharaf said in his interviews might not be right. But the fact remains that both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, are the most affected during the Musharraf rule. These days, both these leaders are part of the Shehbaz government along with Fazlur Rehman, MQM, and Akhtar Mengal. Now that they are in power, they should set up a commission to look into all assassinations that rocked the nation during Musharraf rule so that people come to know true facts. Statements by the likes of Rao Anwar will do no justice to Benazir’s case but only the cases more controversial. (Pahenji, Gulam Hyder Khokhar, June 21)  
  • I have been writing in my columns that even if Pakistan gets IMF package, then too Pakistan will not be able to come out of its current economic crisis and nor will it mean that Pakistan is out of threat of going bankrupt forever. Pakistan will need IMF package for some more years and each time IMF bail-out packages will be harsher. Yes, this cannot go on for long. Pakistan’s elite and ruling sections should start sharing “burden”. If they do not do so voluntarily, then they only will have to decide about country’s security. It is time we start taking measures from now on so that “good news” for few does not mean “bad news” for majority in times to come. If “good news” is not good enough for common man, then it will be “bad news” for all. People have almost crossed their tolerance limits. (Ibrat, Nafees Siddiqui) 
  • For now, political heat is kept in a state of suspension. This phase will continue till we get IMF package. Sadly our rulers have never given a thought as to how to run country without raising loans and how to boost our exports. In fact, post 9/11 phase saw Pakistan being showered with dollars and with that bounty we could have reached new heights in progress and economic development. But, this showering of dollars benefitted a handful. We are raising IMF loans not for the first time; we went to the IMF 21 times in past! As long as we do not take measures to improve industrial production, as long as we do not boost exports, and lay industrial infrastructure across country, our economy cannot come back on sound track. Before country is reduced to a big “economic burial ground,” the government will have to take tough decisions to make economy self-reliant. Instead of making the common man pay for these decisions, let only such sections and institutions pay   who have been exploiting conditions for their interests only all these years. (Kawish, Latif Jamali, June 21)   
  • As a part of irrigation sector reforms, the Sindh needs to release its hard water/salty water into the sea. For this purpose, we need LBOD (Left Bank Outfall Drain) and RBOD (Right Bank Outfall Drain). Both drains should be expedited. Otherwise those surviving on Manchar Lake will be adversely affected; drinking water will become unpotable in Karachi and Hyderabad. Besides, about 30 lakh acres under Kotri barrage will be affected.  (Pahenji, Idrees Rajput, June 21)

  •  We have seen the rules of Ayub Khan, Yahiya Khan, Bhutto and Zia Ul Haq. Their rule all had one thing in common -loans to solve the problems and then more loans to pay back the previous loan. This never-ending cycle is still going on. And now we have reached a point when nobody is willing to give us further loans. We could not solve the economic problems of our country when the population was 11 crores during the regime of Zia ul Haq. How our incompetent and failed rulers are going to improve the economy when the population has doubled to 22 crores? (Dunya Daily-Ayaz Amir) ………………………..