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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Dec 08, 2023

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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Dec 08, 2023


• With the rapidly deteriorating situation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, American concern is increasing with each passing day. It looks like something is about to happen. A string of top US officials is in Islamabad this week. US Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Julieta Noyes arrived on Monday and will stay for four days, before she returns after her last day of visit, Tom West, US Special Envoy for Afghanistan will be in Pakistan. Before the end of his visit, another US Deputy Assistant Secretary Elizabeth Hurst, who is an expert on Pakistan affairs, will have reached here. The main agenda of all these top American officials is the strained relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, as the situation has reached a point where Pakistan is forced to think that if the Afghan Taliban could not stop the TTP terrorists using Afghan territory against Pakistan, then Pakistan will have to take cross-border action to defend itself. This is the tripping point that America does not want, and they are trying to convince Pakistan to stop Pakistan from this major action. While Pakistan’s patience has run out. In this whole matter, a suicide attack on a military convoy in Bannu on November 26, added fuel to the fire. In this attack, 4 passers-by were martyred when an Afghan citizen, who had entered Pakistan with a Tazkira (gate pass), collided with a motorcycle laden with explosives with a military vehicle. This is the 16th consecutive terrorist attack carried out by terrorists sent directly from Afghanistan by the TTP. Earlier, the weapons recovered from the TTP terrorists who were killed at Mianwali Air Base are all American weapons which were left in Afghanistan by the US when they escaped from Afghanistan. Machinery and aircraft cannot be transported, but small arms, including automatic rifles and machine guns, are packed in regular boxes and are in the hands of terrorists in zero-meter condition, although these small arms can easily be transported from Afghanistan to the US base in Qatar. It seems that America deliberately dumped this huge shipment of weapons there which are now being used against Pakistan and its smuggling and sale in Pakistan is also happening. The Taliban government of Afghanistan is putting a lot of pressure on Pakistan in two ways to reverse the decision to return Afghan refugees from Pakhtunkhwa, we see a surge in terror attacks by TTP in recent days which is being said to be a reaction to the forced evacuation of Afghans; when Pakistan asked the Afghan government to respect the Qatar agreement, they said that the agreement with Qatar is not with Pakistan but with the United States. In fact the agreement was this only that the Afghanistan land will not be used by terrorists against any country. Now that the US is concerned that if a November 26-style incident happens again, there is a strong possibility that Pakistan may conduct air and ground operations inside Afghanistan in a limited manner, so the Americans have begun a series of visits to Islamabad. So that the matter does not get worse. For the first time after the November 26 attack, the Afghan Affairs Minister was summoned to the Foreign Office in Islamabad and four demands were made to him. The first demand was to take action against the masterminds and facilitators of the attack. The second was verifiable action should be taken by the Afghan government against the terrorists, that is, an action that can be verified, as the responsibility of that attack was claimed by the Hafiz Gul Bahadur group of TTP. The third demand was to hand over Hafiz Gul Bahadur to Pakistan and the fourth demand was to stop terrorist activities. The Afghan government’s case is that they internally support the TTP while verbally expressing their indifference to them. This is a dangerous diplomacy based on hypocrisy. In the government of the Afghan Taliban, there are no old sympathizers of Pakistan left. Senior people like Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar have been expelled from the Taliban groups. In the current leadership there is no one that has good relations with Pakistan. A fatwa was issued a few months ago to pardon the Afghan Taliban Government from terrorism in Pakistan, but the very next day terrorism happened again in Pakistan, which proves that the Taliban government has become very political. The belief has been firmly established in the political circles in Pakistan that there is tension in the mutual relations between China and Pakistan due to security reasons. It is also known that security is the reason for the hindrance of investment in the ongoing projects in Reko Diq and Gwadar in Balochistan. The process of economic recovery in the country cannot begin until these concerns are removed. Due to these circumstances, Afghan Taliban are considered to be the cause of security problems in Pakistan. Despite the fact that Afghan Taliban have been using Pakistan since 1996, when TTP is creating trouble for Pakistan, they have supported enemies instead of standing with Pakistan. In the high-level intervention of America in this whole matter, Pakistan expects from America that if they give a guarantee that the Afghan Taliban will not use their territory against Pakistan according to the Qatar Agreement and will not shelter the TTP, Pakistan will agree over the extension of stay of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, provided the UN pays the cost of refugees as per international law. This is very difficult diplomacy but apart from this Pakistan has no solution. (Nai Baat, Chaudhry Farrukh Shahzad)

• Afghanistan has become a stronghold of international terrorist organizations. 23 terrorist organizations from Afghanistan spread terrorism in around 53 countries including America, China and Pakistan. According to sources, 17 out of 23 terrorist organizations target only Pakistan, including TTP, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and Baloch terrorist organizations or on the top of list. Al-Qaeda targets Europe and America from Afghanistan, Tehreek-e-Islami Turkmenistan targets China and IMU targets Uzbekistan. From Afghanistan only, Jundullah operate in Iran and Daesh in Europe and America. There is no doubt that Afghanistan is regularly doing financial support to terrorist organizations in the region. TTP and Afghan support in the growing wave of terrorism in Pakistan last year is evident. The TTP, almost wiped out by Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad, has been re-energized since the Afghan Taliban took over. From 2015 to 2020, thanks to the operations of the Pakistan Army, TTP attacks steadily decreased. The Asia-Pacific Forum says that since 2020, there has been a gradual increase in TTP attacks. In 2020 49 attacks were carried out by TTP in Pakistan and in 2021, 198 attacks, and in 2022, 237 attacks. In 317 attacks by TTP last year, 389 Pakistanis were martyred. American weapons left in Afghanistan were also used in the recent terrorist incidents. All the suicide bombers in Pakistan in the last two years were also Afghans. The TTP has the full support of the Afghan Taliban, but no action was taken despite Pakistan’s repeated demands. The recent report of the United Nations has also revealed the increasing instability in the region under the Afghan Taliban. In the Doha agreement, the Taliban’s promises to break up terrorist groups and not become a security threat to other countries have not been fulfilled. According to the American Representative for the Peace Program, TTP is active in Afghanistan to train terrorists and raise funds for them. (Express Daily)
• We do not have any vision or concept for what we call “free, fair and transparent polls” in our country. Our political parties call themselves democratic but it is these parties who have been a big helping hand to undemocratic forces. The undemocratic forces have a role earmarked for them in the constitution and in the country’s, law books, but they have been playing the role of “king makers” since more than 75 years now. It is they who decide whom they would want to see in power. The 1970 polls were free and fair but power was not handed over to the party getting majority seats and these led to the country’s division into two parts. Ever since then, these undemocratic forces have decided to have engineered polls in the country because free, fair and transparent polls do not suit their interests. The irony of the fact is that even forces calling themselves democratic are not democratic in true spirit. These so-called champions of democracy, instead of depending on people, depend on the success of their electable candidates. These parties and forces instead of encouraging a culture of democracy in the country are busy fighting and exposing one another. Instead of showing respect to values of democracy, personality cult is on rise these days. The way barrister Gohar Khan was recently made PTI chief exposes clearly as to how much our parties are democratic at heart. In the meanwhile, the country’s economy is on the verge of brink/collapse. The foreign lending agencies are making our rulers agree to any tough terms and conditions by scaring them that a state of bankruptcy looms large over the country. If polls do not take place on February 8, then Gulf countries would not lend a single paisa to Pakistan without sanction from the IMF. Even FATF can put Pakistan again in the grey list. All this is besides the Iran issue as Iran can move the International Court for a penalty of 18 billion dollars. On other hand, rulers keep “entertaining” people in varied different ways by releasing every other day; at times new sex scandals are brought into light and at times “marriage during waiting period” in case of Imran Khan’s wife and at times statements from servants are brought to fore. All this “entertainment” or “food for thought” is nothing but an attempt to distract attention from real issues being faced in the country. Any dissent is silenced in the country. All is not well in Balochistan and every day there are new definitions coming out on what patriotism is, it is being interpreted in different ways every other day. The political parties have changed their ideological differences and personal differences into personal enmity. It has become sort of entertainment for political parties to join hands with the establishment to remove political opponents from the corridors of power. How can we expect the country’s conditions to move in the right direction in such a backdrop in the country with such a scenario in the background? What is more, no one is ready to question those who have brought the country to its current state of affairs. Last gamble is now on Nawaz Sharif. But, what will Nawaz Sharif do? He has no strong economic team. Nor does he have any good economic planning for the future. He has no such efficiency either. In case this gamble on Nawaz Sharif is lost, there are nil chances of establishment getting any other opportunity for gamble. (Pahenji Akhbar, Tanzila Fahad Aiwan, Dec.7)
• Meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Shujaat Chaudhary is leaving behind indications that the country’s politics is being brought back on the same old routes. Media has also given the number of seats sought by the PML(Q) leader in the meeting with Nawaz Sharif. The joint statement from them also says a committee will be set up for seat adjustments. More than questions of how many seats will go to PML(Q) and how many it can win, more pertinent questions are :Why is the country getting back to old political ways and why are the same mistakes being repeated? Punjab youth is rising today. The middle class and youth in Punjab have new questions in their minds. But the establishment is taking the same old routes through Nawaz Sharif, routes which did not lead anywhere and did no good to the country in the past. Taking the same old routes only speaks for our political backwardness. On one hand, we have been carrying begging bowls to the IMF and others since more than half a century and on other hand our political ways continue to be on the same old patterns doing no good to our people as they keep looking up to authorities for relief. By this time, it has dawned very clearly on Nawaz Sharif that PTI is influential enough in Punjab and Nawaz Sharif’s old slogans will do him no good. Every attempt is being made to make PTI controversial and unpopular but is it possible? If anything is done to tamper with election results, it can only lead to unpleasantries after poll results and in turn it will only derail politics and economy more in such disturbed and unpleasant times. This is something the country’s forces that brought Nawaz Sharif again at the helm of current affairs in the country will have to give thought to. Can people be taken for granted in current times? So far, the results are not satisfactory for taking people for granted. Punjab people are now seized with new mindset and they cannot accept anything thrust on them in form of old politics, be it of Pakistan Istehkam Party or from nexus between PML(Q) and PML(N). Punjab people will not accept any such imposition on them now. Should people in Punjab and also in the rest of the country not get the right to new political ways? If yes, when will people get such a right to new political ways and new political patterns? These are some of questions which our old politicians need to ponder over now. (Sindh Express, Aijaz Mungi)
• Be it government employees or private employees, they get a raise in their salaries once a year. Then, why do our bills keep getting revised upward every month? Common men’s one simple question is: Why do we have to face inflationary trends more than once in a year? If oil (petrol) prices are raised upwards in tune with rise in global markets, then why do salaries of employees and daily wages of daily earners not shoot up as per these global hikes? As and when diesel and petrol prices shoot up, it just shoots up prices of every essential around for the common man. Nobody seems to be serious in the country about price control. (Awami Awaz, Zara Nawaz Sheikh, Dec.7)
• The story about Afghan refugees that became famous all over the world is the picture of an Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic magazine. When this photo appeared on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine, the picture of a ten-year-old girl with deep green eyes filled with amazement shocked the world by depicting the helplessness of Afghans. No one knew the girl’s name and which family she belonged to. Almost eighteen years later, in 2002, this Afghan girl found out that her picture was printed on the page of a book. She was living somewhere in the mountains of remote border areas of Pakistan. Now she was a twenty-eight-year-old widow and mother of seven children. At the age of thirteen, she was married off by the tribe. The family of Afghan girl Sharbat Gula contacted National Geographic magazine when they were told that she was very famous in the world. The photographer Steve McCurry had no idea who the girl was, where she had gone, or what her name was. When he found out, he immediately came to Pakistan, searched for her in the mountains, and then took another fresh picture. That photo also appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. The magazine’s new and old team recognized him. Time and the hardships of life had destroyed her youth. The face was now like stretched skin and the resemblance was no longer there, but the same glow, the same light was present in the eyes. Due to adverse circumstances, the most famous girl in the world had stepped into old age in her childhood suffering poverty, stumbling blocks, and exile. The cruel thing is that after this discovery, instead of our government adopting Sharbat Gula as its citizen, which was her strong desire, she would have spent her whole life here, but she was arrested for keeping a fake identity card. When this most famous woman was brought to court, she was sentenced to two weeks in jail. After serving the sentence, the order to send him back to his country was also issued. She protested that she had never seen any country except Pakistan and her children were born here who did not even know Afghanistan. But because of the drum of the rule of law playing here, how could the poor Sharbat Gula survive? On her return to Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani gave him a warm welcome. The news spread in the world that Sharbat Gula had been deported from Pakistan. When the Taliban government came, many countries were ready to make Sharbat Gula their citizens. She herself chose Italy and is now living there. The Italian government has provided her with free housing, she is an official guest and her children are studying there. What we would have lost if we had taken this Afghan girl under our shelter? (Rasul Bakhsh Rais-Dunya Daily)


• Speaking to media persons outside Islamabad High Court, PML(N) leader Javed Latif said that this is the ideal time for former army chief, Gen. Qamar Bajwa, to approach the court and tell as to how Imran Khan was brought in power. One person (euphemism for Imran Khan) says he will drag Gen. Bajwa and an American diplomat to court in the cipher case. I think this is the right time for Bajwa to tell how Nawaz Sharif was convicted in courts. Bajwa should tell nation all the truth to expose Imran Khan’s true colors. (Awami Awaz, Dec.7)
• Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former Sindh Chief Minister Liaquat Ali Jatoi has announced joining the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) along with his colleagues. He made the announcement at a public meeting in village Beto Jatoi near Mihar. GDA President Sadruddin Shah Rashidi welcomed him into the GDA fold and said we want to see Liaquat Ali Jatoi in a high position. In his speech, Liaquat Ali Khan Jatoi, said that he had raised his voice for the welfare of the people for 15 years. “The previous PPP government destroyed Sindh in 16 years. Nothing has been given to the people except corruption”. GDA President said Sindh needs a silent revolution. “We have to stand up against the corruption mafia, and make Sindh prosperous”. (Jang)
• In the Geo TV program ‘Report Card’, host Alina Farooq raised two questions. One, “Is the complaint of PML-N not having a level playing field in the 2018 elections, correct?” Two, “Is PTI’s Hamid Khan’s statement, correct?” Responding, analysts said that the Panama case is a black spot on the face of our judiciary and that the political system has become a sandwich between the establishment and the judiciary. Shahzad Iqbal said that the cases against Nawaz Sharif have taken him out of politics and elections. It would not be correct to link Hamid Khan’s statement completely to this matter. Hamid Khan was referring to the entire political scenario of Pakistan and also talked about Nawaz Sharif in passing. (Jang)
• According to the data of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the inflation rate was 27.3% in 2022, which is likely to be around 30% this December. Thus, the year 2023 has been the most expensive year. In November, gas prices increased by 520%, electricity by 34.95%, textbooks by 94.7%, stationery by 45.9%, soap, and surf matches by 43.9%, communication equipment by 39.9%, home appliances by 36% and medicines by 34.6%. Among the food items that saw the highest increase in prices in urban areas are spices 67.6%, wheat flour 63.5%, rice 58.3%, tea 52.4%, jaggery 50%, sugar 49.9% and beverages 46.5%. In the economic report released by the Ministry of Finance, it is claimed that the inflation rate will decrease in the coming months, but the ground reality does not match the optimism. (Jang)
• PTI founder and former chairman Imran Khan, has challenged in the Lahore High Court the five-year disqualification imposed on him by the Election Commission (EC). Barrister Gohar and Ali Zafar represented him in the court. Imran in his petition contended that the EC decision delivered on 8th August 2023 was illegal. Seeking early annulment of the disqualification, he submitted that he and his party, PTI want to participate in the forth coming election. (Daily Khabrain)
• Former prime minister and PML-N supremo Mian Nawaz Sharif’s appeal in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference case was heard by Chief Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Mian Gul Hasan of the Islamabad High Court. The judges decided to hear the case on merits. And rejected the plea of NAB to remand the case to the accountability court. While Nawaz appealed against the sentence, the NAB prosecutor appealed that the sentence be increased. (Daily Khabrain))
• Former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly Dost Mazari has announced to join PML-N. He made the announcement while addressing a press conference along with PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah. (Daily Khabrain, Roznama Intekhab) (
• British High Commissioner Jane Marriott met JUI-F chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, at his residence. And discussed Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and India besides issues like the return of Afghan refugees, and women’s education in Afghanistan. JUI leaders Hafiz Hamdullah, Jalaluddin Advocate and Mufti Abrar were also present at the meeting. The British High Commissioner appealed to the Maulana for cooperation regarding women’s education in Afghanistan. Maulana replied that he is a supporter of women’s education, but those worried about the education of women and children in Afghanistan should pay attention to the plight of Gaza women and children. (Daily Khabrain, Roznama Intekhab)
• In her weekly briefing in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Pakistan has decided to take up the matter of harassment of Dr. Aafia with the US Department of State. The Prime Minister has asked for an investigation into Dr. Aafia’s case. She further said that the list of Afghans going to America was received from the American Embassy. Consultations are ongoing on the mechanism for the departure of Afghans. She said that Pakistan rejects the American report on terrorism, the American report is contrary to the facts on the ground. She said that Chaman border is closed and Torkham border has been opened, Pak-Afghan border movement will be through visa only. (Daily Khabrain)
• Interior Ministry sources say the name of Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, like thousands of Afghans, had Pakistani passport until the recently. He was issued the Pakistani passport for five years. He used the passport to go to many countries, especially Qatar, where he had held talks with the American government. As a result of these talks, the Doha agreement signed and the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan became possible. The two officials who issued passports to Haqqani have been arrested. One of them had already retired from the job, when the action against him was started. (Roznama Intekhab)
• Former PTI MNA Sahibzada Sibghatullah and former MPA Wazirzada were arrested by the police over the 9th May riots. According to the police, both the leaders have been arrested by the local police of Malakand Sahibabad. They have been charged with vandalism on 9th May. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PTI MLAs continue to leave the party or get arrested Two leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly, Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi and former provincial assembly from Taxila, Malik Taimur Masood, have announced to quit politics. (Roznama Intekhab)
• The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has shared the plan to increase the tax net with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the sources, the talks between FBR and IMF technical team have been completed. The IMF technical team is preparing a report on the negotiations. FBR will submit the prepared report to the caretaker finance minister. Sources said that FBR has shared the plan to increase the tax net with the IMF team, FBR also informed the IMF about the strategy to increase the tax ratio. The FBR informed about the measures to tighten the ring around non-filers, FBR will implement the recommendations in the report compiled. (Roznama Intekhab)
• The Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that there is no such political party whose hands are clean. I was the foreign minister of the country for 18 months and my hands are clean. It is very difficult to keep hands clean in the politics of Pakistan. We do not like the politics of TikTok and abuse. We are still fulfilling the incomplete mission of Shaheed Bibi through the manifesto. Addressing the workers’ convention of PPP in Shangla, Bilawal Bhutto said that the people of Pakistan are facing difficulties. On one hand, the politics of hatred and division is being played and on the other hand, economic conditions is getting worse. He said that the old politicians of Pakistan are still doing old politics. They are engaged in the politics of ego and personality. They have brought politics to personal enmity instead of disagreement; they have no interest in the real problems of the people. He said PPP is the only party that can provide Roti, Kapda, aur Makan. He said that the politics of hatred, division, and revenge should be buried, and we have to come up with a politics in which the people are made strong. (Aeen Daily)
• After a meeting with former President Asif Ali Zardari, former Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Quddus Bizenjo joined PPP. Former Minister of the Balochistan Government Sikandar Imrani also joined PPP, after meeting with Asif Ali Zardari. Other leaders of Balochistan, Syed Nizamuddin, Syed Hameed, Naseer Ahmed Bizenjo, Mir Abdul Wahab Bizenjo, and others also joined the PPP. Asif Zardari welcomed the political personalities of Balochistan who joined the PPP. (Qudrat Daily)
• The reason has come to light why Chaudhry Sarwar did not participate in the meeting between PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat. Additional Secretary Information PML-Q Hamza Karamat says that former Governor did not participate in the meeting held yesterday due to personal engagements. Hamza Karamat said that there is no truth in the news of Chaudhry Sarwar leaving Q-League. Chaudhry Shujaat and Chaudhry Sarwar are on the same page. It should be remembered that yesterday, after 15 years, Nawaz Sharif visited Chaudhry Shujaat’s residence where the two leaders had a meeting for an hour and a half. (Qudrat Daily)
• The newly elected Chairman of PTI Barrister Gohar Khan has said committees have already been formed for selection of candidates, and only those will get tickets whom Imran Khan recommends. Speaking to the media outside the Adiala Jail, Barrister Gohar Khan said that the judiciary and PTI are going through a difficult phase. In response to a question, he said that petitions against PTI’s intra-party election can be filed as many as you like. PTI has conducted these elections according to the law, and PTI’s intra-party election has been free and fair. There will be a symbol of a bat on the ballot paper. (Qudrat Daily)
• In the statement, the spokesman of Haq Do Tehreek (Give Rights Movement-Gwadar) in Panjgur, said that the long march of the relatives of the missing persons is starting from Turbat today. Political parties of Panjgur, civil society, and people of different classes of thought are requested to participate in the dharna. Meanwhile, relatives of missing persons belonging to Panjgur should register themselves. (Qudrat Daily)
• Member of National Party Central Committee and Quetta District President, Haji Ata Mohammad Bangalzai has said, slowness in development work and the use of poor materials in the Saryab and adjoining areas continues. This has caused a wave of concern among the residents of the area. In a statement Bangalzai said, second-grade and substandard materials are being used with the connivance of the authorities and contractors who are not accountable to anyone. National Party is not against any development projects; however, we cannot allow the way people’s tax money is being used. We demand that these schemes be investigated so that the public treasury can be saved from loss. We demand the relevant authorities including NAB to take notice of the corruption and investigate it. (Qudrat Daily)
• Awami Muslim League chief Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that he was not harassed by any organization. “I did only a Chilla (A term for 40 days of prayers) of 40 days”. Talking to the media after his appearance in Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench, Shaikh Rasheed said that he stopped tweeting. I only read newspapers, no one forced me, and I did not testify against anyone. He said that the statement of the Chief Election Commissioner should be trusted that the election will be held on February 8, but no election campaign is being conducted yet. On the day the election schedule is announced, I will start the election campaign. The former federal minister said that we have worked in both the constituencies of Pindi, I will contest elections from constituencies 56 and 57 on the symbol of pen and paper. (Dunya Daily)
• Pakistan former prime minister and PML-N dissident, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the effects of what Ishaq Dar did will be visible in the election. When Nawaz Sharif calls me, I will go, but this time I will not contest the election. Appearing on a TV program, he said he did not resign from the League and did not even apply for the ticket because I am not satisfied with the politics that is being played today. There is space for political parties in Pakistan to form a new party. The current three major parties have failed to give results. He said that the politics of power always fails, and politics should be done for the people. If people are selected and brought to the top, then politics and the country will suffer, for 35 years it has been like this. I don’t think any party will get a majority in the future. The League is trying to form an alliance even before the elections. (Dunya Daily)
• Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (Pk-MAP) Shaldara Second Regional Committee meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Regional Secretary Inayat Khan Barich. A detailed discussion was held on anti-public measures like heavy fines by Wapda. It was decided to determine the future course of action in this regard soon. (Urdu Point)
• Hunger strike was observed Sukkur against government failure to end the 65-day old hostage crisis. Under the banner of Priya Kumari Release Committee, they are agitating for the early recovery of Priya Kumari, Ali Asghar Mangreo, Ali Hasan Memon and others. The hunger strike camp is at the Sukkur Press Club but the administrative officers nor the elected representatives have reached the camp and assured support to the heirs of the hostages. Political leaders Dr. Nazir Khokhar, Makhdoom Bilawal, Atta Mohammad Bhutto, Zahid Mangreo, Muhammad Azam Mangreo and others visited the protest camp and castigated the Police that no steps have been taken to recover the hostages. (Urdu Point)

• World at large is increasingly getting rid of polio virus, but we in Pakistan are yet to get rid of this virus. Six polio cases are reported this year including two from Sindh’s capital, Karachi. Reports also say examination of environmental samples in Hyderabad have confirmed the presence of polio virus. This means children below the age of five years are at more risk of getting infected with polio. Campaigns against polio virus are conducted from time to time, and the recent campaign that started in Hyderabad on November 27 has since been extended for two more days. Let there be no leniency in such campaigns and concerned authorities should ensure transparency in the utilization of funds earmarked for polio eradication. (Kawish Edit, Dec.7)
• We hope elections will not only take place as scheduled but also will be transparent, free and fair so that losing candidates do not get any excuse to raise hue and cry and make complaints of results being rigged. Also, we hope chief election commissioner will not allow any obstacle to come in the way of conducting poll as scheduled. (Ibrat Edit)
• Peoples’ purchasing power has certain limitations especially as the country itself is passing through economic distress. People do not have any new opportunities to add to their incomes and thus improve their purchasing power. People have to survive with their limited income sources. But this is not possible especially in view of the fact that inflation keeps steadily moving upward. Thus, people keep getting pushed back economically. There is machinery in the country to control prices. Yet business people decide rates arbitrarily and there is none to question them. People need relief very badly. Recent statistics on inflation are adding salt to peoples’ wounds. Inflation has peaked to 29.2% during the year. Things were bad enough in PTI government times and went from bad to worse under PDM government. There is no relief still even under caretaker set-up. (Sindh Express Edit)
• Though Pakistan has an agro-based economy, the farmer suffers either because of administrative injustice and discrimination or influence of mafia groups. Right now, farmers are up in arms against black marketing in fertilizer. Protests are staged, and rallies are taken out by farmers. Yet, no action is being taken against elements doing black marketing of fertilizer. We think any enmity with the farm sector amounts to enmity with the country and in other words, it is enmity with the country’s productivity sector. Hence, the caretaker government should step in to rein in the mafia without any loss of time. Need of hour is: Justice for farmers. (Kawish, Edit, Dec.7)
• A Passport of any country is a proof of its nationality and is an identity document. Therefore, all the necessary precautions are ensured in issuing the passport. Unfortunately, many foreigners including Burmese and Rohingyas who came to Pakistan to hide in the 1970s managed to get Pakistani passports. A large number of Afghans who came to seek refuge first after the Soviet Union marched into their country, and later during the American occupation, have availed our Passports. And the caution in the issuance of passports was not fully observed in their case. Thus, on the one hand, there was a flood of drugs, weapons and prohibited goods into the country, and on the other hand, there was an increase in crimes. In some terrorist attacks, there was evidence of the facilitation of illegally residing foreigners. This is a situation in which it becomes necessary to urge the illegal aliens to return to their countries. Pakistan has been hosting 30-40 lakh Afghans for four decades. There is evidence that some of the illegal foreigners had traveled abroad on Pakistani Passports and sought some facilities including employment in other countries. Therefore, the names of Afghans have come out regarding the misuse of Pakistani passports. The News International (of the Jang group) reports that an important minister of Afghanistan was among the aliens with Pakistani passport till recently. He was issued a Pakistani passport for five years, which he used to visit many countries, especially Qatar where he negotiated with the American government, which resulted in the Doha Agreement and the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. Two officials who issued him the passport have since been arrested. One of them had retired. According to informed sources, 30 to 40 thousand passports issued to Afghan citizens have been blocked. These passports were issued from different cities of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh. Saudi authorities had raised the issue with Pakistan some time ago that Afghan citizens have obtained Pakistani passports to get jobs in Saudi Arabia. And provided copies of these passports. The number of such cases in other Islamic nations is more than 12 thousand. The passports of these individuals have been canceled and those found to have used forged documents have been deported to Afghanistan. Where it is a major crime to have the passport of a country into the hands of foreign nationals, it cannot be overruled that the passport could be used for any conspiracy purpose. Great care should be taken in this regard and it should be ensured that Pakistani passports do not fall into the hands of foreigners in future. (Jang Edit)
• Dacoits’ attack on the Gablo police station in interiors of Kandhkot in Sindh that resulted in the killing one policeman and injuring three others, exposes the hollowness of Sindh police claims about the rule of law in the province especially in the countryside. This time too Sindh Police IG has directed Larkana DIG for operation against dacoits but it appears police alone cannot do any such drive. There is a need for a coordinated action on the lines of the one undertaken in Punjab’s Rajanpur. When Rajanpur police were helpless against the Chhotu gang, army assistance was sought. It delivered results. As appointments in police often take place on recommendations of Kabila chiefs, sardars and the elite, police is often busy in giving protocol to them and thus help them in maintaining their influence. Crime is money making for these sardars and kabila heads. And, it is these bigwigs who often come in the way of maintaining law and order in Sindh. This is also one of reasons that the crime rate does not come down in Sindh. Hence, we reiterate our demand for a full-fledged operation against dacoits in the interiors and urban centres alike. (edit in Pahenji Akhbar, Dec.7) ######