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Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 11, 2023     

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<strong>Pak Urdu Media Digest – Oct 11, 2023   </strong>  

NEWS:  The Federal Shariah Court has declared that women have a complete and unique right granted by the Qur’an and Sunnah, under which marriage can be terminated by the court at the will of the wife. In a 13-page judgment written by Justice Dr. Syed Muhammad Anwar, it was stated that the wife can get the right to annul the marriage by returning the dowry to the husband. She has to make a statement also in the court that she, within the limits set by Allah, can no longer live with her husband as a wife. The court cannot deny this right to women. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rahman of the Federal Sharia Court issued the decision on two legal points, one – is the right of divorce in Islam a complete right of a woman and what are the requirements for obtaining it; two- can a judge give wife the right to divorce even when the husband is not ready to divorce. The court declared that in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, a woman can annul the marriage through the court and that this right of the woman cannot be denied. It is not necessary to prove misbehavior by the husband; it is enough for the woman to say that she does not like her husband and that she can no longer fulfill the marriage bond according to the Shariah requirements. This demand is enough for court proceedings. If the wife wants divorce from her husband and is ready to return willingly the full amount of dowry to the husband in lieu of marriage, the court will issue a decree of divorce without delay. If the wife claims that she is seeking divorce due to the husband’s misbehavior, and if the complaint is proved in the light of evidence, the court can reduce the compensation amount. (Express Daily)

  • The Islamabad High Court (IHC) granted on Tuesday one more month to the Federal Government for action taken report on the recommendations of the Commission that probed the missing Baloch students case. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani said that hopefully the government would submit a written affidavit since it is a sensitive matter involving violations of human rights. Baloch students have been allegedly forcibly disappeared and their families are searching for them, the judge observed, urging the government to fulfil its responsibility to recover them. The court was hearing a petition moved by human rights activist and lawyer Imaan Mazari, seeking implementation of the commission’s recommendations. Mazari questioned about personnel who were visiting educational institutions where Baloch students studied. Justice Kayani said the court would determine the extent to which the recommendations had been implemented after receiving the report. He emphasized that the state must do its job because the issue could have profound effects. He asked whether or not the federal government was interested in implementing these recommendations and if the court should pass an order or the government would handle the implementation itself.  (The News, Daily Pakistan) (
  • Confessions of Afghani terrorists linked to the outlawed TTP have come out. The arrested TTP terrorists admitted their crime and said that they belong to Khost province. They said that they came to the Waziristan region of Pakistan via Khost and met Umar and Khalid active terrorists of TTP here. Pakistan handed over to Afghan authorities these confessional statements as irrefutable evidence of TTP terrorists. Yet, infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan into Pakistan continues. (Intekhab) (
  • In the last one week, more than 6,500 Afghan citizens living illegally in Pakistan returned home. A provincial steering committee meeting was held in Peshawar to speed up the return of Afghans. Additional Chief Secretary Home Abid Majeed presided over the meeting. It was told in the briefing that 900 Afghans are returning from the Torkham border every day. According to the Afghan Commissionerate, more than 6500 illegal Afghans returned in a week. (Intekhab) (
  • Only 20 days are left for the deadline for returning to Afghanistan and the Afghan immigrants have started to sell their assets including dollars, and gold. The markets of Peshawar are busy with such transactions. The jewelers are avoiding buying due to the fear of govt raids, and arrest on false charges of smuggling. Some trades are selling their gold, because the prices of gold have come down and they are afraid that prices may fall further. But buyers are not available because the buyers have become the sellers of their gold. The Afghans are selling their gold to get cash and return to their home country. Dismayed by the position of Peshawar markets the Afghans are now turning to Islamabad and Karahi to sell their gold and other assets. (Aeen Daily)
  • Pakistan is one of the countries where a large number of refugees from foreign countries reside, including 37 lakh Afghans who migrated to Pakistan after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Red Army in 1979. Pakistan wants to deport 17 lakh illegal immigrants to restore the sanctity of its international borders. According to a report of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), 13 lakh Afghan refugees and 10 lakh Bengalis are residing in Pakistan.   The strength of the Bengali community in Karachi is said to be 20 lakhs but not many have any official documents for identification. According to the report of the American think tank Pew Research Center, the number of immigrants in the United States is 441 million, in Germany 121 million 70 thousand, in Russia 1 million 16 million 50 thousand, in Great Britain 88 million 40 thousand, in France 79 million, and in Canada 78 million 60 thousand. (Jang)
  • Under Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi, preparations have started for a historic “Al-Aqsa Million March” to be held on Shahrah Faisal on Sunday, October 15, to express solidarity with the Palestinian Muslims and the Mujahideen of Hamas. Amir JI Karachi Hafiz Naeemur Rahman chaired a meeting of party officials at Noor Haq Institute on Monday in which several decisions were taken. Several committees have also been formed. It was decided that an immediate and massive public relations campaign be launched. Camps will be set up across the city. Hafiz Naeemur Rehman while addressing the meeting said that Israel is an illegitimate state. (Jang)
  • Allama Shabbir Hasan Maithami, the Central Secretary General of the Shia Ulema Council of Pakistan, says that Hamas destroyed Israel’s pride in the Al-Aqsa storm operation.  Palestine is the land of the prophets, on which the Zionist powers threatened oppression, coercion and massacre. A state which is based on illegality cannot remain; freedom of this land is the responsibility of the Ummah. America supported Israel without waiting for a moment. So the Muslim countries immediately declare support to Palestine. (Jang)
  • Hamas spokesman Khaled Qaddoumi has said that until the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque ends and until Israel accepts our demands, how can there be an agreement? A statement released by the spokesman of the largest resistance organization in Palestine said that if we have to make an agreement, we would have done it in 70 years. The international community did not support us against Israeli atrocities. The world has come to its senses now when Israel has suffered.  He said that we are fighting for our freedom and we have to make the world aware of Israel’s crimes. According to the Al-Qassam Brigade, hundreds of Israeli soldiers are in their custody. Khaled Qaddoumi also said that we are fighting at 22 places in the occupied territories and cannot tell the number of Israeli captives. The statement said that Muslims around the world, including Palestinians, came out on Friday to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and against Israeli aggression. The Palestinians of the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem should also go out into the streets and fields and resist the occupying forces. And join the struggle to free all occupied Palestinian territories, including occupied Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, from Israeli occupation. (Jasarat)
  • A delegation of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews met with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza and declared that they stand with the Palestinian state and the Palestinian people. Jewish rabbis leaders in a post on X  later said that before the Zionist occupation of Palestine, Jews lived in peace and harmony with Muslims. Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews said that the Israeli media is spreading false news. These reports make it seem that Jews and Muslims are enemies, but this is not true. (Jasarat)
  • Talking to Hamid Mir in Geo’s “Capital Talk” program, PTI Spokesperson Ali Muhammad Khan said that those who do not stand with the Palestinians today will be in the ranks of the Kufis of Iraq. Hamas did not create problems for the Palestinian Muslims by attacking Israel. I am proud that my leader Imran Khan stood like a rock on Kashmir and Palestine issues. Ali Muhammad Khan further said that Jinnah spoke about Kashmir, Migrants and Palestine during his final days. The state of Pakistan has stood on the motto of Quaid-i-Azam regarding Palestine for 75 years; the government should clarify its position on the current situation of Palestine. We are not against the Zionist thought but not the Jews. PML-N leader Khurram Dastagir said that Nawaz Sharif has reached Saudi Arabia and it is expected that he would talk for the rights of Palestinians. (Jang)
  • Pakistan and Iran have discussed fencing the border. Both sides also discussed issues related to border crossing, and electricity supply besides ways to end smuggling of Iranian oil into Pakistan. The two countries also agreed to exchange information on prisoners. Iran agreed to provide electricity to four villages in Raje/Taftan and facilitate the issuance of visitor visas. (Jang)
  • The relevant authorities have restarted the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project. Senior officials of the Law Division are devising a plan of action to avoid a possible fine of 18 billion dollars by Iran. Officials said that to avoid US sanctions on Iran, indirect power and third parties will be bought by a powerful country in the region. The relevant Iranian authorities have also been taken into confidence. (Jang)
  • Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar has said that smuggling and illegal trade of foreign currency are a threat to the existence of Pakistan. While talking informally to senior journalists, he revealed that a large number of vehicles of smuggled Iranian oil were entering Pakistan daily with the connivance of local authorities. The concerned Deputy Commissioner was paid 100,000 to 150,000 rupees per vehicle. The Deputy Commissioner was also giving shares to those who played a role in smuggling. Illegal movement of these vehicles has almost stopped, although the smuggling is not completely stopped yet. He said that the military and civil leadership has started a decisive campaign against smuggling. It was my decision to stop the smuggling of Iranian oil. The Army started a large-scale crackdown. The Prime Minister further said that before August, many people considered smuggling of Iranian oil to be legal. Unemployment was attributed to the continued existence of smuggling in Balochistan. Government jobs were deliberately kept vacant. He said that in 2020, a crackdown was undertaken against the smuggling of Iranian products, which was estimated at 2 billion dollars annually. He said that the routes of illegal supply of goods to other parts of the country through Balochistan were closed three years ago. As a result, 1,674 illegal POL retail outlets were sealed, 1,155 FIRs were registered and 781 applications were filed to freeze assets under the Customs Act. He revealed that in the case of only 11 items, the national treasury has suffered a loss of about 3.5 billion dollars in terms of duties and taxes. The Prime Minister said that his government wants to bring lawyers, doctors, journalists, media owners, and retailers into the tax net. Everyone should pay their due taxes. (Qudrat Daily)
  • Senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan has made a startling comment regarding the Cipher case. He said the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan should have shown the cipher instead of waving it. In an informal chat with the media at the Lahore High Court, Aitzaz Ahsan said that it is the constitutional right of the Prime Minister to make public the classified secret document. Under the constitution, the oath taken by the Prime Minister is that he will keep the information confidential. If it is intended to be shared, it can be publicized. It was reported that Donald Lu had said that the Chairman of PTI has to be defeated in the no-confidence motion. Aitzaz Ahsan further said that the government has formally protested against the US on the Cipher, and if it has protested, then it means that it had received this threat from Washington. (Himalya Today Daily)
  • Muslim League (N) has decided to cancel three meetings proposed in Lahore to mobilize party workers in the run up to Nawaz Sharif’s arrival. The decision is apparently aimed at saving party workers from fatigue ahead of the big power show on October 21. According to a senior leader, this decision was taken on the instructions of Nawaz Sharif himself, who will address a rally at Minar e Pakistan shortly after his arrival. Nawaz Sharif asked party president Shehbaz Sharif not to tire the party workers before his return to the country, and to make his return home historic. In view of reports of differences within the party, Nawaz told Shahbaz to immediately resolve the differences between some leaders of Punjab especially of Lahore city to make the October 21 rally a grand success. (Dawn Daily)
  • The President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has asked people to support Nawaz Sharif so that the inflation could be brought down again and people will get free education. and medical treatment. In a message, Shahbaz said that on October 21, come out of your homes and give a warm welcome to the architect of Pakistan’s economic development. Supporting Nawaz Sharif means a happy and independent Pakistan. He said that from October 21, the clouds of disappointment will begin to clear. People should support Nawaz Sharif, who brought peace to the entire country including Karachi and fought terrorism. Shahbaz Sharif said support Nawaz Sharif so that Danish schools could be built all over Pakistan and the youth get employment. (Himalya Today Daily)
  • JUI (F) chief Maulana Fazal ur Rahman has said if the election is held at the end of January, then there will be snowfall in half of the country, and it will be difficult for many people to cast their votes. He said, “I don’t think it is good that the environment should be one thing for some and another for another. There should be the same environment for everyone in the election. If the election is held tomorrow, we are ready to contest it. (Qudrat Daily)  
  • President Dr Arif Alvi has emphasized that leadership of all political parties should be given equal opportunities to participate in the elections, which should be free, fair, transparent, and inclusive. If people cannot elect the leader of their choice, democracy becomes meaningless. The President added that bitterness should end and cooperation and forgiveness should take its place. Arif Alvi said that the upcoming general elections are a good opportunity to create the necessary movement for the reconstruction of the country. (Qudrat Daily)
  • The French Government has offered higher education opportunities for Pakistani students in the fields of management, engineering, humanities, finance, business and sciences. According to the French Embassy, 11 French universities have now announced “Choose France Pakistan – Education Tour” program for Lahore and Karachi. Top French universities such as Sciences Po Paris, Central Nantes and ED Hack will be part of this tour.  This   fair will be held in Lahore on October 17 and in Karachi on October 19, in which students will have direct interaction with representatives of French universities; information on 1700 programs taught in English at the bachelor and master level will be shared. There will be an opportunity to get information about 183 scholarship programs available for Pakistani students. (Jang)
  • Saudi Arabia has once again announced to give 600 scholarships to Pakistani students for higher education in its 25 universities. According to the Higher Education Commission, these scholarships will be given to Diploma, Degree, Masters and Ph.D. students. (Jang)
  • The security forces killed two terrorists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to ISPR, two different operations were carried out by the security forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. An intelligence-based operation was conducted in Kalachi area of Dera Ismail Khan district. Terrorist Ikram was killed in a fierce exchange of fire; the killed terrorist was involved in several terrorist activities against the security forces. In the Miran Shah area of North Waziristan, there was also a fierce exchange of fire between the security forces and the terrorists. The security forces effectively targeted the hideouts of the terrorists, as a result of which another terrorist was martyred. (Khabrain, Nawaiwaqt and  Intekhab) (,
  • A serving police officer was arrested in Karachi Police for his involvement in kidnapping for ransom     Sadar Police Station has arrested police officer Babar Zaman with the help of technology. An official statement said that the arrested had robbed a rickshaw driver along with another serving police officer while on duty last month. They picked up a citizen from near the FTC bridge and released him for Rs 3 lakh after taking him to an unknown location. He said that efforts are on to arrest the second accused police official who has been identified as Usman. (Dawn Daily)
  • Customs Intelligence Lahore has conducted a grand operation against smugglers and seized 9 trucks of smuggled cigarettes, beetle nut, and shisha flavors worth 22 crore rupees. With the support of the police and other institutions, raids were conducted on the hideouts that are full of smuggled goods and considered safe for smugglers. The operation was carried out around Shah Alam Market, Pan Mandi, and Railway Station. During the raids, there was resistance by the smugglers, which was foiled by the police. Haris Ansari, director of Customs Intelligence, Lahore said that after the decisions of the Apex Committee, a policy of zero tolerance against smugglers has been adopted. No matter how effective the smugglers are, indiscriminate action will be taken against them. He said that by taking action against smugglers in a big city like Lahore, the supply line of these goods to small cities can be ended. Additional Director of Customs Intelligence, Lahore, Chaudhry Rizwan Bashir said that instead of catching ordinary shopkeepers and salesmen, we are encircling the smugglers and their patrons.  Big arrests will be made in the next few days. (Himalya Today Daily)
  • Under the auspices of Zamindar Action Committee Balochistan, there will be a protest demonstration on Wednesday, October 11, in Quetta against the non-supply of electricity to agricultural feeders, 22-hour forced load shedding, and arrests in the name of electricity bills. Zamindars will gather at Ayub Stadium till 11 a.m., after which they will march to Quetta Press Club. Political, religious, and nationalist parties of Balochistan, civil society, transporters, business community, lawyers, and others are appealed to participate in the demonstration. The Chairman of Zamindar Action Committee Malik Naseer Ahmed Shahwani and other leaders said in a statement that the landlord-killing policy of QESCO Balochistan is not acceptable. The landlords are ready to make any sacrifice against this oppression. The zamindars are the backbone of the province but unfortunately, they are harassed by shutting off electricity. (Qudrat Daily)
  • Teachers and non-teaching staff from all over Punjab, including the Punjab Education Department, staged a sit -in in Lahore in support of their demands. They are asking among other things salary hike, regularization of contract staff, and withdrawal of deduction in leave encashment. Yet another demand is 15% dispersion allowance. They announced that their sit-in will continue until their demands are met. (Urdu Point)
  • Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh Justice (R) Maqbool Baqer has paid a surprise visit to the 50-bed hospital, secondary school, police station and veterinary hospital in Malir district. And the hospital’s medical superintendent, school headmaster, SHO, and police station chief were suspended for lack interest in their work.  The CM also ordered an inquiry against the in-charge of the veterinary hospital. (Urdu Point)
  • Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq will leave for China on October 16 to participate in the third Belt and Road Forum. During the visit, 15 agreements and MoUs are likely to be signed under CPEC and ML-1 railway project. China has agreed to reduce the speed of   ML-1 rail from 160 km to 120 km per hour.   A protocol agreement will be signed for the export of donkey skins/hides under CPEC. A protocol agreement will also be signed to export dairy products and meat. Agreements will also be signed for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure and the Pakistan Space Center project. Moreover, an agreement will also be signed for the urban development of Gwadar under CPEC. (Jasarat)
  • Insulting Women at the Ehsas Program Center has become a routine. In Wazirabad center the arrangements are not adequate and women have to wait in long queues without basic facilities like washrooms. Women face a lot of humiliation standing in long queues in market areas. And the only reason for the problems faced by women is careless staff of the Ehsas Program. (Nai Baat)


  • Now that the government has given a deadline for evicting illegally staying foreigners in the country, Afghanistan government, nationalist groups in KPK and human rights’ bodies have started raising hue and cry and calling the eviction ultimatum as violation of human rights and as inhuman treatment to illegal foreigner residents. Some observers however aver that the establishment has kicked up this grand operation with the hidden idea of distracting peoples’ attention from poll-related debates.  Some other sections are of the view that an unelected government is being used and abused for the tasks for which it has no mandate. Till sometime back when this issue was considered a burning problem, all provinces were not in favor of illegal migrants especially ones from Afghanistan continuing to stay in the country. Now almost all KPK parties are opposing the government plans. Since laws of the land are not being strictly enforced, several officials had played facilitators’ role to get lakhs of Afghans required documents for Pakistan citizenship against monetary consideration. People being sent out /thrown out from their countries are being systematically accommodated in Sindh, irking locals. Sindh is made to bear a larger share of illegal migrants especially of illegally staying Afghans in the country. All well-wishers of Sindh need to join hands on this burning issue and should have a clear and concrete strategy so that the continuing burden of outsiders can be lessened on Sindh. Let all political parties in Sindh take a clear stand so that Sindh people can have a clear idea on this issue. The authorities too need to have more effective strategies to get better results from operation against illegally staying migrants. (Awami Awaz Edit, Oct.10)
  • In Afghanistan’s bilateral trade with Pakistan, it is not possible to deny formal and undocumented trade. The reason for this is the centuries-old relations between the two neighbours, and the communities. So far, the efforts to stop smuggling have not proved effective; the two countries definitely depend on each other to a great extent. Welcome in this context is the announcement from Beijing that Pakistan and China have agreed in principle on inclusion of Afghanistan and extension of CPEC to that landlocked country. Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar is going to China to attend the BRI conference next week. It is being speculated that his talks with the Chinese authorities will give a push to CPEC projects.  Catering to the neighbors’ interest can have far-reaching impact. It will also help in resolving political and other differences. (Jang Edit)
  • Conditions of women in Sindh are very pathetic because of male-dominated environs and nexus of feudal and kabila chiefs that expose women to the worst kind of discrimination and brutalities of karo kari system. Though the Sindh government has set up homes for distressed women, conditions at these homes are so bad that most often distressed women repent once they head to such homes. Women at one such home in Sukkur, women were reportedly kept under lock and key; in some cases, some of these women have also vomited blood and did not get any medical care even after bringing the matter to the notice of authorities there. The reports say inmates in homes for distressed women also do not get meals on time. We call on authorities for better arrangements at these homes specially at Sukkur home for such destitute women. Let there also be an inquiry into reports of inmates in locked rooms and denial of medical care as and when needed at Sukkur home. The agencies striving for human rights as also government officials visit these homes regularly to see for themselves as to what sort of life is being led by inmates homes for distressed women.( Pahenji, Edit, Oct.10)
  • Due to the seriousness of reports of activities of terrorists in different parts of the country, the caretaker government had to decide to return foreigners living without legal documents to their countries. The process has started. Pakistan is not oppressing those who are staying on its land with legal documents. However, to solve the problems arising due to the miscreants who have joined the ranks of illegal residents, there is no other option but to send back the illegal residents. They have been given time till October 31 for voluntary withdrawal, while the formal withdrawal process will start from November 1. Meanwhile, terrorists attacking police stations, convoys and check posts are being dealt with an iron hand.  Security operations have also been launched based on intelligence inputs. This process will continue until all avenues of terrorism are shattered. During one such operation on Monday, there was a fierce exchange of fire in Sambaza area of Zhob district in which five terrorists were killed while Major Syed Ali Raza Shah and Havildar Nisar Ahmad Watan Aziz became martyrs. The security personnel who do not care about their lives to protect the country and provide an atmosphere of peace and security to the countrymen are the heroes of this country. The people of the Holy Land salute these veterans. Thanks to their sacrifices, terrorists have been wiped out once through Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad. Now, the net that the anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam forces have laid again for chaos in the country, will also be cut and thrown away soon. (Jang Edit)
  • According to the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), the security forces conducted an operation in Sambaza area of Zhob district on a tip off. As a result, 5 terrorists were killed and Major Syed Ali Raza Shah and Havildar Nisar Ahmad obtained martyrdom while fighting the terrorists bravely. Political leaders including the caretaker prime minister have condemned terrorist act while paying homage to the martyrs. At present, the process of returning Afghans living illegally in Pakistan is underway. The terrorist strikes seem to be a conspiracy to hinder the return of Afghans. Pakistan has been selflessly hosting 4.5 million Afghan refugees for almost half a century. Afghan refugees are a burden on the economy of Pakistan, while the number of illegal Afghan residents is also in millions, who have illegally settled here for dollars, smuggling of goods, robbery, and terrorism. In the current situation, it has become very difficult for Pakistan to support millions of Afghans. In this context, the government of Pakistan has decided to return the Afghans, which is welcome.  If any attempt is made to obstruct returning Afghan refugees by means of terrorism or by the Kabul administration, immediate action should be taken because there cannot be any compromise on  national interest. (Edit Nawaiwaqt)
  • Whenever the Hamas-Israel war will come to an end, hopefully in a few weeks, it will leave behind a big pall of gloom and huge hatred amongst people for one another which later might pave the way for more wars. We need to encourage all sides for peace. If America and other allies of Israel do not do this now, then it can mean Israel finding it difficult to have more friends in the world. The UN and other major countries should not only suggest proposals, but also must achieve consensus on them; they must also stand guarantors for the execution of peace proposals. Mere announcements and declarations  mean nothing but more and more of hatred amongst nations resulting in more and more wars ahead. (Awami Awaz Edit)
  • Attacks on Palestinian territories by the illegitimate state of Israel continue, as a result of which hundreds of Palestinians are martyred. Apart from houses, hospital buildings are also severely damaged by the continuous Israeli airstrikes. The occupying Zionists have attacked the Palestinian refugee camp Jabalia. Israel has suspended the supply of all essential commodities to Gaza, including fuel, food, water, and electricity, and so far in Gaza alone, according to UN estimates, more than 100,000 people have been displaced. Despite all this, the Muslim countries are watching everything as a silent spectator, while on the other hand the Western countries are fully supporting the Zionists and strengthening their hands by providing them with all kinds of aid and assistance. (Edit Nawaiwaqt)
  • Concerns escalated after a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council ended inconclusively, with Israel ignoring Hamas’s warning to end its attacks and warning that the attacks would continue. If hostages die, then let them die. None of the countries and organizations are ready to understand their responsibilities to reduce the ongoing tension between Palestine and Israel. So much so, the fear of a serious human tragedy is increasing with each passing moment. In these circumstances, when a political solution to the long-standing occupation between the two sides is also necessary, if anyone is thinking that this war will only engulf the Middle East, they are very mistaken. Because the bitterness that has reached the peak has raised the fear of third world war. It is necessary therefore that the world powers not only recognize their interests but also of humanity’s’  and understand the need for the parties to sit at the negotiating table and find a peaceful long-term solution. (Khabrain Edit) (
  • A provincial apex committee meeting was held in Quetta under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar, in which the National Action Plan and the law-and-order situation in Balochistan were reviewed. Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir assured full cooperation of the army in the operations against illegal activities in Balochistan. This will prevent the looting of resources and the economic losses to the country. Balochistan is rich in mineral reserves and this mineral wealth can play an important role in the development of not only Balochistan but also Pakistan. However, due to some administrative defects and conspiracies of anti-national elements, Balochistan resources could not be fully tapped. And from time to time, law and order problems also cropped up. The current military leadership and the Federal government are well aware of the importance and problems of Balochistan and are trying to ensure the establishment of law and order as well as to stop the looting of resources  of the province. It is hoped that the steps being taken to remove the deprivations of Balochistan, to stop the looting of its resources, and to ensure lasting peace and order will prove fruitful and this process will continue. (Edit-Dunya Daily)
  • Basic facilities like education and medical care are the worst hit in inflation-hit times. Parents cannot afford hefty expenses in private schools and colleges, and cannot put their wards in government schools because they do not see a bright future for them in such schools. Hence, reforms in Sindh education need to be top most priority. According to reports, 49 per cent children remain absent from their schools; this is besides the children who have never gone to schools! Most such students include girls because they are not sent to schools. Hence, federal and Sindh governments will have to step forward for better education system in Sindh. More so because, it is Sindh that is contributing maximum to exchequer  by way of various taxes.  (Kawish Edit, Oct.10)
  • Last year’s floods had affected Daddu district the most in Sindh. The infrastructure is still not back on track at some places. The weak banks of Manshar Lake are exposing locals to multiple hardships and can prove fatal for locals. It is also often seen that whatever contracts are awarded in Sindh, most of them are left halfway. Whatever be the reasons, it is the common man suffers. Hence, we are of the view that action be taken against those responsible for slow progress of these post-flood works   so that life of locals can get back to normal. (Sindh Express Edit)