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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Sept 5, 2022

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Pak Urdu Media Digest, Sept 5, 2022


  1. On the one hand, we get IMF alerts that inflation and peoples’ reaction thereof could lead to instability in the country. On the other hand, we find IMF itself responsible for such a state of affairs because of IMF’s anti-people policies. The economic policies and programs being pursued in the country are designed and approved by the IMF only.  Our rulers are depending only on IMF loans which go to prove that our rulers do not have any policy which can be called their own. This is totally anti-people agenda and we cannot expect any good for people as long as such agenda is at work. (Sindh Express Edit)
  2. Today, if cities like Khairpur Nathan, Meher and others can get affected in heavy rain and flooding, tomorrow Karachi, Thatta and Badeen too can get affected similarly. The experts have already warned about sea rise in the next 15-20 years affecting coastal cities. Hence, we need to build new cities with some such material which can keep them safe during heavy rains/floods and also from sea currents. If we take these and some other related measures, it will help bring down pressure on the Sukkur barrage, which is the backbone of Sindh’s agrarian economy. None of these measures is impossible or difficult. If Sindh authorities approach the world community for help, they can succeed in the mission. Hence, instead of taking care of peoples’ interests on a temporary basis, let us find long lasting solutions. (Ibrat Edit)
  3. People do not want to be over-burdened with any price rise. People cannot be expected to sit quietly vis a vis such hikes in prices, and consequent runaway inflation. People need to be told facts and let people not be kept in the dark. If government cannot bring down burden of price on people then let it accept that conditions are out of its control. (Sindh Express Edit)
  4. The social groups with dissenting opinions are being suppressed in every way. At least 60 incidents of action against journalists and human rights activists have been recorded in three years; 27 journalists have been arrested. (Edit Jasarat)
  5. Finance Minister Miftah Ismael has asked the people to change their ways of spending.  He suggested banning the import of luxury items, which is draining our limited foreign exchange reservoirs. Our exports are half of our imports. The money sent by overseas Pakistanis is the major source of our foreign exchange. Besides luxury goods, we also import many food items instead of producing them locally, despite being an agricultural country. (Edit-Dunya Daily)
  6. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the government has decided to conduct the audit of PM’s Flood Relief Fund by the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR) and a world-class audit firm to ensure transparency on how much money came in and where it was spent; these audit reports will be made public. Prime Minister also established the National Flood Response and Coordination Center (NFRCC). NGOs and charitable organizations are  working hard to help the flood victims on their own. Rains and floods have broken records, and deadly water-borne diseases are expected to spread more rapidly. Meteorological department needs to be modernized so that they can accurately predict the seasons ahead of time and if heavy rains are forecast, timely action should be taken to evacuate people and their livestock from areas that are prone to flooding. (Edit, Daily Express)
  7. Following the destruction caused by floods, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced the establishment of the National Flood Response and Coordination Centre (NFRCC). Such an agency will certainly help to improve the situation systematically; it would be better if the provinces were also represented on the body because real help to the needyis not possible without the involvement and consultation of the provinces. (Daily Pakistan Edit, Nai Baat Edit)


  1. Sindh PPP chief, Nissar Khoro said Kalabagh dam is “Sindh killer project”. He said Sindh will never say yes for it. Addressing a press meet at Larkana, he also said first right on water is not with the people of Mianwali; it lies with people in tail end in the Sindh. He also said if new dams are to be built, then Bhasha be built besides two more dams on the upper reaches of Tarbela. How can rainwater be stored in Kalabagh dam if rains are taking place in lower parts of Kalabagh. He added that Kalabagh dam is rejected by people in three provinces and hence making any more demand for it would be as good as adding salt to wounds of people in three provinces. (Ibrat)
  2. President of PPP Sindh Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has said that Kala Bagh Dam is a killer project for Sindh and we will not allow its construction at any cost. It is not Mianwali but Sindh, which has the first right over the water. If big dams have to be constructed then they should be above Tarbela and Bhasha dams. When rain is falling below Kala Baugh then how rainwater can be collected in Kala Bagh? Speaking at Larkana Press Club he said that the Chief Minister of Punjab has said that if Imran Khan comes to power, he will construct the Kala Bagh Dam. This statement is like rubbing salt on the wounds of Sindh. It is a conspiracy to create animosity among different provinces and create instability in the country. (Dunya Daily)
  3. A senior leader of Jamiat Ulema e Islam, Hafiz Husain Ahmed has said that it is not rains and floods but the corruption of the rulers that has drowned the country. Now to hide its incompetency and corruption the government is playing the song of Kala Bagh Dam. Shahbaz Sharif is using the Kala Bagh Dam card to save his falling reputation in Punjab. Speaking to the media in Quetta he said that after the failure in fulfilling the dream of eradicating inflation he is trying to influence the people of Punjab by playing the Kala Bagh Dam card. Now the question is; does he have the support of all 13 parties of his coalition government? Do Asif Zardari, Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman and leaders of ANP have given their approval? (Dunya Daily)
  4. Chairman of PTI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government is unable to run the country. The situation is worsening. In four months, they have destroyed the country.  The new army chief has to be appointed in November. They want to appoint an army chief of their choice. Because they are afraid that a strong army chief may question them about their stolen wealth. Why are they afraid of holding elections? They know people want to throw them out, and that is why they are afraid of elections. Inflation is reaching the sky while the economy has fallen to earth. Corruption is the main reason for the fall of the economy. The present leaders have come to power only to close corruption cases against them. Sharif and Zardari families are busy with corruption for the last 30 years. Now is the time to remove them through elections. (Dunya Daily)
  5. Senior Vice President of PTI Fawad Chaudhary categorically said that we will not become part of any open or secret talks before the announcement of the date of the elections. He denied that Imran Khan was in contact with Nawaz Sharif. He said there was no meeting with the representative of Nawaz Sharif nor it is needed. These reports are baseless and may be created in a media cell. He said that the stand of Imran Khan is clear about national politics. The government is eager to get Imran Khan disqualified and is doing everything in its power for it. The imported government is playing politics even on the issue of floods. The FIA is issuing notices to those who had donated even 10 thousand rupees to the flood relief fund of Imran Khan. (Dunya Daily)
  6. Central leader of PML-N and Federal Minister Mian Javed Latif has said that September is very important for the politics of Pakistan. Speaking to the media he said Nawaz Sharif may announce his return to Pakistan during this month. In the situation and difficulties Pakistan is facing, his return has become the demand of 22 crore Pakistanis.   Imran Khan is trying in vain to regain his lost popularity through meetings and rallies. More than half of the country is drowned in the flood water and Imran Khan is playing politics even at this time. It proves how sincere and patriotic he is.  The government is aware of inflation and is taking necessary steps to control price rise, and provide relief to the people. Inflation is the result of the wrong policies of the Imran Khan government. (Dunya Daily)
  7. Senior Vice President of Lahore PPP, Mohammed Ashraf Bhatti, has said that at present nearly 70 percent of the four provinces is under flood water. But even in this alarming situation, one man is thinking of a march towards Islamabad. To grab power in Islamabad he has become an open enemy of the nation. A former MPA and General Secretary of PPP  Women’s Wing Nargis Faiz Malik said that people from all over the world are sending aid to help the flood-affected people of Pakistan on humanitarian grounds but a former Prime Minister of Pakistan is only worried about how to get back his lost chair. (Dunya Daily)
  8. Chief of Jamiat Ulema e Islam (Nazryati) Balochistan Maulana Abdul Qadir Loni has said that the Federal Government should take all possible steps for quick rehabilitation of the flood-affected people of Balochistan. He said that unfortunately, the help in our country always becomes a victim of corruption and the deserving people don’t get it. Thousands of people are sitting under the sky, waiting for shelter, food and medicines.  People have lost their crops, cattle and entire property. They need immediate help for survival. (Intekhab Daily)
  9. According to reliable sources, onions and tomatoes are being imported from Afghanistan through Torkham; staff are deployed at the border day and night for clearance so that the prices of tomatoes and onions can decrease. (Daily Express, Ummat, Daily Jinnah)
  10. Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo directed the food department to   crack down on wheat and flour hoarders and release immediately release the September quota of wheat to the flour Mills. Chief Secretary Abdul Aziz Aqeeli along with Municipal Secretary Dostin Khan Jamaldini visited Jafarabad and Sahabatpur districts and assessed the damage caused by rains. (Daily Jinnah, Daily Express)
  11. China’s Royal Group and Pakistan’s JW Holdings signed a memorandum of understanding at the China International Fair for Trade in Services in a bid to enhance cooperation in the buffalo business. According to the MoU, the two companies will deepen cooperation in construction of buffalo farms, deep processing of buffalo dairy products and other related areas. (Daily Express)
  12. In Balochistan, books, and other belongings of a large number of students were washed away in the flood or buried under the debris. Yet the government of Balochistan announced the opening of educational institutions from today. Students say we don’t have books to study. Roads to schools are either broken or blocked. (Daily Jinnah, Nawai Waqt)
  13. Three children of a Madrassa were killed and three others injured after an explosion in Nad Ali district of Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province. It should be noted that earlier, 18 people, including a well-known religious scholar, were killed and 23 injured in an explosion in the western province of Herat. (Ummat, Nawai Waqt, Daily Express)
  14. Balochistan Corps Commander Lit. Gen. Asif Gafoor said that the force will provide every aid to people affected due to rains and floods in the province and will not leave them helpless even for a minute. (Qudrat)
  15. National Party leader Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has urged armed Baloch groups to come to the table of talks for negotiations saying that armed conflict is harmful for both sides. (Qudrat)
  16. Thousands of activists of different political parties and common citizens organized the Khyber Peace March for the establishment of peace in Khyber district. It was organized from the platform of Khyber Political Alliance. The rally was addressed by former Federal Ministers and former Assembly Members and local political leaders. The speakers stated that the Government should take notice of the incidents of target killing and terrorism in the area and ensure prevention of unrest. (Urdu Point, Daily Pakistan) 
  17. An attempt to smuggle a ton of drugs from Balochistan to Punjab was foiled. According to the spokesperson of ANF, drugs were being smuggled in refrigerator containers. The recovered drugs include 1020 kg of hashish and 28 kg of 800 grams of heroin.  Two members of the inter-provincial smugglers gang were arrested. (Jasarat)
  18. Prince Rahim Aga Khan contacted Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif over the phone and announced to give one crore dollars (approximately 2.193 billion Rupees) in aid to the flood victims. In addition, Prince Rahim Aga Khan said that all the institutions of Aga Khan Development Network have been instructed to participate in relief and rehabilitation works. (Jang)
  19. Pakistan Air Force has released a short documentary film depicting the air force battle on September 4, 1965. According to the Public Relations Office of the Pakistan Air Force, the purpose of the documentary is to pay tributes to the bravery and professionalism of Pakistan Air Force in the 1965 war. (Jang)


  1. There are indications of changes within PTI  and activists with ‘ideology’ may be asked to lead the party. If such a decision has been taken, then it is welcome one. (Kanwar Dilshad in Ibrat, Sept.4)
  2. Instead of rushing with relief and rescue to those stranded in flooded parts of Sindh, authorities seem to be waiting for more people to die in floods. Visits of Sindh ministers, bureaucrats, advisors to ministers and all others are aimed at collecting statistics so that they approach global agencies with begging bowl for aid. Unfortunately, this has become a big “business” of the Sindh authorities. Media is right if it raises questions on transparency in distribution of relief and aid to affected persons in Sindh. Few days ago, CNN reporter, while talking to Bilawal Bhutto, expressed concern on transparency in distribution of aid to flood affected in Sindh, Bilawal Bhutto however was evasive in his reply. When Bilawal entered politics, many people in the country had pinned big hopes on Bilawal. But all those hopes are turning out to be a case of expectations belied with passage of time. It is rightly said when corruption rides high on one’s head, all the feelings and emotions of concern for society and humanity just start crashing. (Hafiz Chachar in Pahenji Akhbar, Sept.4)
  3. When there was a major earthquake in Azad Kashmir, people from Azad Kashmir rushed to Karachi. There was no single tent in Karachi then. People from Azad Kashmir were not accommodated in schools or colleges of Karachi. These displaced people from Azad Kashmir found their own ways in Karachi and started life anew in Karachi by taking houses on rent or purchasing them in Karachi. 90 percent of those who migrated to Karachi in aftermath of tremors in Azad Kashmir later settled in Karachi itself. We saw a similar influx into Sindh/Karachi also during times of operations called Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Radd-ul-Fasad. Truck-loads of refugees used to reach Sindh-Karachi in those days and thereafter all of those refugees became part of Karachi’s population without anyone’s notice. They bought houses and also started doing business or working here. They also got identity cards as citizen of Sindh or Karachi with help of NADRA and now they get elected as members in assemblies too. On other hand, Sindh natives have to stay in tents and camps now as they have started pouring into Karachi on account of big flood-related havoc at their places in interiors and other parts in Sindh. They stay in tents and relief camps with fears always haunting them they will have to go back to their places in interiors and other cities they have come from. But there are some people in Karachi who are looking after these migrants from Sindh interiors; they should start some campaign that these migrants have now come to stay in Karachi forever because they have lost their homes and also because it would take lot of time for rain waters to recede and for life to return to normal at their places. The rich and elite who are spending lakhs on upkeep of these displaced persons, should come forward and give some financial help also to these persons to start some petty businesses and also buy small houses or pay rents.  (Kawish, Majeed S, Sept.4)
  4. Just as Donald Trump’s home was raided by FBI in the USA, similar raids by Pakistan’s investigating agencies can take place at Imran Khan’s Banigala residence in Islamabad. When will these raids be held is not yet known because right now the country/rulers/government is busy with rain and flood havoc and relief effort. These raids can be part of the after-effects of what has happened to Shahbaz Gill.   Recent audio leak of conversation amongst PTI leaders including former finance minister, Shaukat Tareen and finance ministers in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can also be good back-up for these raids at Imran Khan’s Islamabad residence. These days, Fawad Chaudhary is tight lipped after Imran Khan’s lawyer, Hamid Khan in the contempt case, has spoken openly against Fawad Chaudhary in Islamabad High court. Fawad Chaudhary’s political opponents say he is planning to quit PTI and join some other party. He can join only PML-Q but Shujat Hussain is not prepared to take him. Nowadays with all eyes focused on flood relief, political activities stand almost suspended. Hence, Imran Khan’s attempts to put up more pressure look more and more like an unseasonal rant. His threats of being more dangerous and ferocious can backfire because the State establishment is more powerful and is much capable of crushing any opposition. Other institutions cannot be meek spectators if any attempt is made to topple the government in the current conditions. Imran Khan cannot afford to play with fire. Country’s survival will be at stake if the establishment surrenders. (Sindh Express, Allah Bux Rathod)
  5. Putting the blame on the previous government for inflation seemed correct in the initial months, but now inflation is increasing continuously.  So blaming the predecessor is not acceptable to the public any longer. The people are deprived of the benefit of fall in global oil prices. An agreement has been reached with the IMF and the approved installment of the loan has also been received, but the conditions of the country have not improved. Earlier, it was said that after the agreement with the IMF, the dollar will become cheaper again but even after the agreement, the price of the dollar is increasing. In other words, the government has saved the country from default but anyone could have signed an agreement with the IMF on such strict terms.  It will not be wrong to say former Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen had settled matters on some better terms than this agreement. The current government has very little time. If they could not get the people out of difficulties, their reputation and that of the PML-N would be at stake. People are getting very disgusted. This is the reason why the popularity of Khan Sahib’s meetings is increasing day- by- day. Despite the worst floods in history, he is continuing his political campaign, but there is no adverse reaction from the people. Floods were a good opportunity for the Shehbaz government to win the hearts of the people but they are concerned about the deal with the IMF. (Dr. Mansoor Noorani, Daily Express) ###