Taiwan criticizes Beijing for “cultural attack and military intimidation”  

Reacting to Chinese defence Minister Wei Fenghe’s warning that if someone tried to split Taiwan, Beijing would not hesitate to fight to the end at any cost, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Commission pointed out that this was a blatant “cultural attack and military intimidation” against Taiwan in the international arena.

It (Wei speak) is also an act of declaring war in defiance of the principle of peace in international relations, proving that Beijing is the source of serious regional unease, the Taiwan Commission said, according to a report by Taiwan’s China Times News Network.

The Mainland Affairs Commission pointed out that Beijing’s attempts to “force unification by force” and hinder international support for Taiwan will eventually eat its own evil consequences.

It also stressed that the Taiwanese people have a strong will and determination to defend themselves and will continue to cooperate with the international community.

Wei Fenghe made his statement on the Taiwan issue at the Shangri-La Dialogue, harshly criticizing the Democratic Progressive Party for being the pawn of foreign anti-China forces, not naming and criticizing the United States for reneging on the one-China principle and commitment, and highlighting the bottom line of Beijing’s use of force against Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe said, “If anyone dares to split Taiwan out, we will definitely fight to the end at any cost. This is China’s best choice.” (SAT)