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Pakistan: The South Waziristan Migration

The possibility of militants conducting attacks or bringing much-needed capability to grassroots cells means that the South Waziristan migration, which has almost certainly already begun, will give counter terrorism officials from Boston to Beijing something to worry about for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

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When God Speaks, keep quite- to hear, to know with no worry.

New Delhi, 18 February : Darwin continues to be the flavour of the season.  Some are taking delight in casting the present global economic meltdown in a Darwinian light, saying Darwinism and free market are similar. One leading English daily … Continue reading

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Course correction for AfPak policy in the US interest

Two different reports. From two different countries. In the same paper. Yes. Nothing out of the blue. Every day newspapers carry reports from across the world. Often there may be some thing common to a couple of reports. But not … Continue reading

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