A Hong Kong Bookseller Confronts Beijing

Protesters in Hong Kong are once again back on the streets, directing their ire at Beijing. This time, demonstrations were sparked by the detention of bookseller Lam Wing-kee, apprehended by mainland authorities last year in connection with the distribution of…

Why the Islamic State Is Weaker Than It Seems

*In Syria, the Islamic State will continue to lose cities and vital territory. **The group will react to its losses by relying more heavily on insurgent and terrorist tactics, ensuring that it remains a serious threat. ***The continued disenfranchisement of…

B’ desh Jamaat Racing Against Time, History

The Jamaat-e-Islami has even appointed lobbyists in the West to carry on motivated campaign against the war crimes trial and also against the Awami League (AL) government. The Jamaat has been spending lavishly to build anti-government opinion in the international arena.

How Odd & Uneven, Kejri!

Make no mistake. For the Delhi citizens the sight of lesser cars on the roads has been indeed a welcome feature. But it has come at a price, literally so for many. It has exposed how callous and indifferent the Kejriwal government has become to the voice of the ‘aam admi’.

The Koh-i-noor Blues

A government that has made restoring Indian ‘pride’ and ‘cultural values’ its full-time preoccupation has to show results at every step so that its boast is seen as substance. The ‘nationalist’ rhetoric will have us believe that only by restoring the past glory can India return to the days of milk and honey. Repossessing the lost or stolen treasures is essential in this task.